Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Of Meetings and Disappointments

Woke up at 11am by AC's phone call. He told me that the CSFF for our SDP was emailed to us. I then went to check and saw that I was given an "A". You can call me greedy, but I was hoping for an "A+".

Used my laptop till it was 2pm. Went downstairs for lunch and came back upstairs to shower. Put on my contacts as we were going to watch Step Up 3D. Left the house at 3.30pm and picked JW up.

We then drove to the Public Bank and looked for a parking spot. Finally after 30 minutes, we found one legal spot. Paid parking and walked to the bank. To our dismay, the bank was CLOSED! They close at 4pm during the Ramadhan month. WTF! This is our first disappointment.

Later, we went back to the car. Someone double parked and blocked my car! I honked for about 5 minutes and still nobody came out. The restaurant workers then asked me to try reversing out.

But there was a motorbike parked right BEHIND me. He came to remove his bike but took his own SWEET TIME. I reversed into his bike and gave him a scare! All he did was knock on my car and sign me "wait". Then, he continued putting on his jacket before driving off.

Finally after that, I managed to drive off. We went back to JW's hostel and it was 4.30pm. We had half an hour before we met her father. So, she decided to put an Aspirin Mask on my face. :)

After that, we went down to her brother's hostel block and met her father. He gave her some stuff and we carried it back to her room. Then, we went downstairs again. This time, her dad, brother and JW got into my car.

We went to Sunway Pyramid and decided to have dinner at TGIF. We ordered 2 Main Courses and an Appetizer. The food was nice. We left the place and her dad paid the bill. Thanks Uncle.

Friday's Three For All - RM 36.90

Southwest Mac & Cheese - RM 23.90

Sizzling Chicken and Cheese - RM 32.90

Later, we walked around the mall till it was 7.45pm. JW and I then went to the cinema while her brother and dad went back to the hostel.

This is where second disappointment strikes. Once in the cinema, we realized that there was NO BOOTH for the movie redemption. We checked our email and confirmed that the 3D screening for Step Up was YESTERDAY!!!

To make it worse, JW already invited VV and AF. They were on the taxi coming over! We also wasted money to buy another TimeOut magazine for this coupon.

We couldn't do much. Waited for VV and AF to come to the cinema. Then, we walked to my car and drove over to SS15.

We dropped VV and AF at the KTM Station to collect VV's train tickets. They ran to the counter because they were closing at 8.30pm and it was already 8.25pm. But once they got there, the staff told VV that they close at 8pm. Both of them ran for nothing.

As a consolation, we went over to Snowflakes for dessert. I ordered the Sea Amber Jelly. Today's portion was very generous. By the time I finished eating the ice, there were still a few mouthfuls of jelly! :)

Sea Amber Jelly - RM 6.00

Later, I dropped VV and AF at the burger stall for their dinner. Goodness, they didn't tell us! Anyway, I drove JW back to her hostel and went back home after that.

Got back by 10.30pm and started using the laptop till now. Was blogging and chatting. It's 1.45am already and I shall take my shower and go to bed. Night...

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