Monday, August 16, 2010

Exam Week, Day 2 : ISWE Exam

Woke up at 7.39am and went to the toilet. Came back and napped a little while more till 8am. Then, I went downstairs to have Coco Pebbles with milk for breakfast.

At one point, a "pebble" was stuck in my throat. The first two times I swallowed it, it scratched my throat! Finally after the third try, it went down.

Finished my breakfast and took my shower. Drove on to BBJ and parked my car. Then, I joined my friends at "HOL" coffee shop to do study a little bit while they had their breakfast.

At about 10.30am, all of us went to the Exam Hall. Went inside and sat for ISWE. The paper was pretty easy besides the fact that we have to write a LOT! My hands were tired halfway through the paper.

Finished writing just as the invigilator asked us to stop. Waited for them to collect the papers before I went off.

After that, my friends and I hopped into AC's new MyVi. We then went to Kuchai Lama and ate at Cha Cha Pan Mee Original. We ordered the set lunch which came with a drink and fruits. It wasn't too great though. We prefer Kung Fu Pan Mee. :)

Iced Cincau (from set)

Fruits (from set)

Traditional Dry Pan Mee Set - RM 5.90 (no tax)

Later, AC dropped us back at our cars and I drove home. Back home, I used the computer for a while before taking a nap. It wasn't a smooth nap but I enjoyed it a lot because I had some movie-like dreams. :D

Woke up and studied a little before going downstairs for dinner. Then, I came upstairs and lazed a while before taking my shower.

After that, I started writing this post and using the laptop. Gonna end this post here and study a little more. Bye...

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