Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday is for FUN!

Woke up at 8am and quickly showered. Then, I drove to Sunway to pick JW up. Waited for her to get dressed before we drove back home. Once back, I realized that we forgot to buy the French Baguette.

So, we drove back out to TMC and bought a loaf of it. Then, we made our way home and started to make garlic bread. We made 3 batches of bread. The first two were garlic and it was good. Later, we tried cheese and mayo. That was a failure. :P

Our second batch of bread...

We then watched TV till it was about 11.45am. We then drove 2 cars to Gardens. Initially, we were supposed to eat in Sushi Zanmai. But when we arrived, the queue was crazy. So, we went to Italiannies instead.

After ordering, mum, JW and I went to Machines. JW bought her iPod Touch. Then, we went back to Italiannies and joined the others for lunch. The food was terrible and they served us two bottles of water that was RM9.90 EACH!

Watery spaghetti, tasteless meatballs

Later, the bill came out to RM 166 and we did not have enough to get a Gardens Club card. So, mum went to Borders and bought a book for RM 67. With the receipts, we went to the Gardens Club and applied for the card. This time, it only took them 5 minutes to print the card.

Mum went back with my grandparents and M. The rest of us walked around. We had coffee from San Francisco. Then, we went to Paddington's for dessert! We shared the "Pot of Gold" and it was okay.

Pot of Gold - RM 10.90

Later, we went back to our house. E, J, JW and I cramped in my room and watched "The Last Song" on my TV. Right after the movie ended, I brought J and JW to Sunway.

There were 3 cars parked at illegal places near my housing area. And I noticed all three of them had this envelop on their windscreen. Out of curiosity, we went down to see what it was. We took it and saw "URGENT" written on it. The envelop was sealed, so we didn't open it and we went off.

Envelop on windscreen

First, we went to JW's hostel and she got her laptop. Then, we went to Mentari Court for BUBBLE TEA!! I ordered Peach and Mango with Mango Pudding while JW had Peach and Mango and Q Jelly. Bought for J and M too.

JW holding our BUBBLE TEA!

JW's jelly was really interesting. When you bite it, some flavoured juice (yoghurt for today) will splash into your mouth. I'll definitely try that the next time I go there.

After that, we went back home. I helped JW set up her iPod and install some apps. Most importantly, gain credits in TTR3 so that she can download free music like "Secrets" and "Airplanes".

At about 8pm, dad brought all of us to Jalan Ipoh for dinner. We ate at this place called "1 Stop Cafe". The food was okay and the pricing was quite fair too (similar to the Hainanese cafes).

Iced Tea - RM 2.20

Crepe Couple - RM 3.50

Popiah - RM 1.80

Roti Bakar - RM 2.00

1-Stop Chicken Chop - RM 9.80

Later, we went back home and we continued fiddling with JW's new iPod. At about 11.20pm, I sent her back to the hostel. It was a real fun day with her. :D

Got back home at about 12.20am and I started writing this post. It's 2.30am already. Night...

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