Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sinful Saturday

J woke me up at 11.30am and asked me to get ready for lunch. Got up, ate some biscuits and showered. Then, we waited for E. Finally at 12.30pm, we drove out to Subang Parade for lunch. Main reason we were here was because dad wanted to meet his client.

So while waiting, we walked around and decided to have lunch at Dave's Deli. It has been almost 10 years since I last ate there. Used to dine at the BSC outlet which has been closed down for many years.

Anyway, I ordered Lasagna and Shepherds Pie. When we didn't order drinks, the cashier was kinda shocked. The food was ready even BEFORE we paid our money. Unfortunately, it wasn't even warm.

On the bright side, the Lasagna was nice and so was the Shepherds Pie. Tried some of dad's Roasted Chicken which was juicy. :D E couldn't finish her spaghetti so we packed it and continued walking around.

Mushroom Soup (comes with Garlic Bread) - RM 6.50

Shepherds Pie - RM 6.90

Lasagna - RM 14.50

Spaghetti with Meatballs - RM 13.50

Fish and Chips - RM 14.50

1/4 Roasted Chicken - RM 14.90

We then went to CoolBlog and got our drinks. I ordered a Milk Tea Volcano which had a weird name. Even so, it tasted quite good. Worth the money :)

Kiwi Blog - RM 2.50

White Coffee Blog - RM 2.50

Mango Blog - RM 2.50

Milk Tea Volcano (funny name) - RM 3.00

With our drinks in hand, we walked over to visit the bazaar. Then, we went to Speedy while dad met with his customer. Not long after that, mum bought 2 DVDs and we went out of the shop. Before going home, we bought ice cream from McD.

Chocotop - RM 1.50

We got home at about 4pm. I then played AoM till about 5.30pm. Later, I played some MSN games till it was time to shower. At about 7.30pm, all of us were ready for dinner. Since our parents had a gathering, I brought the girls to IKEA and met up with SS, SS and C there.

SS bought me a plate of meatballs and a box of apple juice. I had a piece of Chicken Wing too. Talked to each other over dinner and had some minor updates. About an hour later, we finished our dinner.

Meatballs (10 pcs) - RM 10.00

Chicken Wings (6 pcs) - RM 9.00

Apple Juice - RM 1.50

Then, M wanted to have Kik Kok so all of us walked over to Ikano. I ordered a Chocolate Kik Kok that wasn't that nice. Should've paid more and ate the Chocolate+Banana Kik Kok.

Chocolate Kik Kok - RM 2.00

We then spotted a new shop named Shimino. So we went to the stall and was greeted by a few fake Shiminoes. I observed the workers making them and decided not to order. SS did order one to try.

Shimino on display. But, we got...

Mango Shimino - RM 8.90

What was served to her hand did not look like what was shown at all. And while waiting, I heard a lady tell the worker "Your display and the crepes quite a big difference hor" and the worker either did not understand or just ignored her.

Before going home, SS bought an Ikea bag. Since we bought something from Ikea, our parking was waived :D

Ikea Bag - RM 1.90

Made our way to the car and drove home. Exiting Ikea itself took us about 10 minutes. Luckily, there wasn't any jam after that.

Half way through our journey, J screamed and said she saw a COCKROACH. It went near the window so I wind her window down and let it go out. As soon as it went out, the girls shouted at me to WIND IT UP!

Back home, I started uploading pictures and blogging. Finally reached the end of the post. Phew, ate a LOT today. Shall try to eat less tomorrow :P


  1. had the "cool blog" bubble tea in sungeir wang, there is one with gula melaka in it, really nice, not that sweet and cheap too

  2. Hi Vivien. Yup, the drinks there are reasonably priced and delicious :)


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