Monday, May 17, 2010

Dramatic B*tch

When I got home, my sister told me that her classmate poured paint on her head. At first, I thought it was the typical birthday prank in SMKBB where people say "Happy Birthday" and go on to pour flour and water on your head.

But, when she told me that she had to go the salon and did some intensive treatment to get the paint off her hair. Her hair would never be natural anymore because the hairdressers had to put some chemicals on it and steam it for a few hours.

Here's the story. This b*itch, K, took a container of red paint (for painting WALLS!) and poured it on my sis, J. The teacher told them to cleanup in the toilet. While J's friends took turpentine to try to remove the paint, K called her mum and went back home.

Later, J went to the hairdresser's where they took about 3 hours to clean everything. The bill wasn't cheap because a scalp specialist was involved. My mum then called K's mum and she insisted it was an accident. She then told my mum something like "the paint on K's shirt couldn't come out too". Since there was NO POINT talking to her, my mum just ended the call.

J's Shirt

Like my dad said, money isn't the problem. We can pay for that since her mother REFUSED to admit it's her fault. The point is, today it is paint, what substance would she pour on her friends tomorrow? Petrol? Acid? She MUST be taught a lesson!

Later, this K told another friend that she THOUGHT the bucket of paint was A HAT! WTH!!! What kind of lie is this? Even a 4 year old can differentiate a bucket and a hat!!

The hairdressers suggest we SUE her. Meanwhile, AC suggested making a POLICE REPORT. Well, compared to their suggestions, what I did wasn't that great. But, it was still GOOD!

First, I went to J's fb wall and saw this.

And posted this on my wall.

And this...

If you want to visit her FB page, its here. Though by the time you visit it, it'll probably be privatized. Anyway...

Minutes later, she sent me a message on FB saying...

Lol, first she says she is sorry and knows that it is HER FAULT. Then, she says she is INNOCENT. WTF???

Then a few minutes later, she changed her picture into this. LOL!!

And, she deleted her comment on my sister's wall. So, I posted a screen shot of her deleted comment onto J's wall.

Next thing you know, she calls our house and cries to my sister. Says she is sorry and her mum would pay the hairdresser's bill. Also told me not to spam her wall, which I never did. All I did was post on my SISTER'S WALL! Tsk tsk, some people are just too dumb.

Oh well, that's the end of today's drama. Action would probably be taken tomorrow. We'll see what my parents do. :)


Since I've already wasted half my entry b*tching bout a b*itch, I shall not waste any more time one her. Back to my daily post:

I woke up and realized the alarm didn't ring yet. So, I lay on bed for a while. Then, I decided to wake up. When I checked the time on my phone, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was 11AM!! Class starts in 45 minutes!

Quickly washed up, showered, got dressed and drove to college without eating breakfast. I was 10 minutes late. Saw AL in his car and decided to wait for him. But about 3 minutes later, he was still taking his sweet time. Ditched him and went up to class myself.

When I arrived, all my classmates were waiting outside the class. Every week, our lecturer will extend his previous class. So, all of us had to stand outside the lab and wait for him to end his previous class before we could go in. I wasn't late after all, thanks to this crappy lecturer.

Class ended an hour later and we went to McD and drove-thru. AC stayed back to wait for AL who was still playing Dota. Even after we went to class with the food, AC and AL still didn't arrive.

7 Drinks and 1 Oreo Mcflurry

McChicken :)

Also, the floor got thirsty so ZS decided to give it some Sprite. xD Lunch was quite good. Minutes later, the lecturer came in and we started our class. At 4pm, the class ended. AC then reminded us that our AI class is canceled so we could go home.

Thirsty floor! =D

Called JW and told her I'll be joining her for dinner. Once I was there, I picked JW and J (her brother). We then went to the KTM station where they bought tickets to go back to Ipoh. Later, we went to Empire and walked the whole mall.

None of the restaurant's there looked appealing so we decided to go back to SS15 for dinner. So, we ended up at Jojo's Kitchen for Pan Mee. I ordered the Pork Pan Mee which only came AFTER JW and J finished their dinner!

Jojo's Pork Pan Mee (Dry) - RM 6.00

Three Layer Coffee (not tea) - RM 3.50

The cashier was quite an ass too. We asked him about my noodles and he said "Coming". Then, when J called him over to order another 3 Layer Coffee, without listening, he said "Coming".

We then explained to him that we aren't asking bout the noodles, and want to order another drink. Next thing you know, he tried to cover up by saying, "I know, you want the 3 layer coffee, so now I order for you, that's why it's coming". SPEECHLESS!!

Anyway, I dropped JW and J back at their hostel before driving back home. It was already 9pm so the traffic on Federal Highway was smooth. Arrived back home in less than half an hour.

After I showered, J told me about her day and that's when all the hoo-ha started. Spent the rest of my time blogging till now. Super long post today. Even I got tired of typing.

Goodbye and goodnight. Please "Nang" :)


  1. yeap.. police report.. coz i thought was someone random.. when u said was her classmate, i felt even worse. such a shameful incident that the K's parents still cover up. What is so hard to face it and suck it up. You have to be responsible for what you have done no matter what. I just feel shameful for the girl having such mom.. speechless

  2. lol you so fierce.. no wonder ppl also scared.. =)

  3. Of course fierce la. Its wall paint! So many chemicals inside. What if go into my sister's eyes? Luckily my sister wore specs.

  4. wow .. wat a drama..
    but u did something right..
    to protect ur sis..
    and towards the end, she admitted it and said her mum will pay for the bills..
    let not make this case grow bigger..
    i'm sure u sis will find hard to face dat friend in school

  5. Hi, KwongFei. I don't think my father will let it drop so easily. At least not to make sure this girl learn her lesson. If not the whole school is in danger. And, my sis shouldn't not find it hard to face that friend. Can u even call her friend? Furthermore, the friend should go hiding whenever my sister comes close to her. =)

    Nice meeting u xD

  6. oh wow.if someone do tat to me, i will sure sue him/her!!

  7. Kesian the kid la. Just scare her abit can d. Tsk tsk. >=D

  8. this is pure EVIL...hehe..but i like it..yea..make them pay for the bill..damn..evn though it's an accident, you have to pay for the think can just walk away like that meh..cheh..hehe

  9. wow..this is pure EVIL..hehe..but i like it..
    Well at times we cannot just leave it like that..she's purely pretending after all that happens...cannot give face and must at least let her pay back for the hair treatment..

  10. omg!!! this is over...its paint man!!!

  11. paint and hat cannot differentiate??? hat very light and pain in a TIN is definitely HEAVY...

  12. i know what payback would be nice. just take another bucket of paint ant pour unto K's head and say "Opps". See how her parents would respond

  13. I support you. she's dumb izzit? thought the pile is empty.

    good to see you as the brother protect your sister:)

  14. Haha, thanks everyone for the support and comments.

    My dad will meet her parents tomorrow. I'll be blogging about it. So, get ready for part 2.

    Also, there was some stories today too. That would also be included in part 2. Stay tuned :)

  15. hihi ..... sorry to hear bout ur sis ... but wat u did was correct .... for me ... REVENGE n teach them a lesson ... especially even when K's parent who has been alive in this world for so many years cant just b honest but try to cover up their daughter's mistake n push the blame away . sigh . teach them a lesson , but in proper n legal way ya ! :D

  16. Hello Jack. Don't worry. Action has been taken. I just haven't posted it. :S


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