Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Woke up at 11am and washed up. Continued using my laptop till about 1pm. Then, all of us drove to Gardens. As we were looking for parking, this lady waved frantically at us to tell us she is going to leave! What a GOOD SAMARITAN!

Later, we went to Tony Roma's for lunch. I ordered the Onion Loaf to share and had the Buffalo Bites for my Main. Drank their non alcoholic Pina Colada which tasted kinda weird. o.O Had some of mum's ribs which were GREAT!

Onion Loaf (Full) - RM 16.90

Boneless Buffalo Bites (Honey) - RM 17.90

Pina Colada (Non-alcoholic) - RM 9.90

Caesar Salad - RM 9.90

Beef Ribs with Side Dishes of choice - RM 69.90

Cheesy Burger - RM 22.90

Chicken Swiss Sandwich - RM 22.90

Mum's cousin joined us for lunch and told us some stories about her "WWOOFing" in New Zealand. I would probably do this kind of thing later this year. Anyway, we paid the bill at 2.30pm and went off.

Followed dad and J as they walked around the mall buying some stuff. J bought a new set of "Baju Kurung" thanks to "someone". Later, we went to FOS and looked around. Then, we went to look at some computers.

When we were done, we went to look for everyone else. Finally at 4pm, we went back home. At home, I played AoE3A for a while before using the laptop. Later, I took my shower and waited for an hour for the girls to finish watching a TV series.

Finally at 8.20pm, we left the house. Once in the car, dad drove us to Nam Chun for dinner. Sat down and ordered 2 plates of noodles. While waiting for the food, dad went over to the burger stall and ordered 3 burgers.

Nam Chun


Hokkien Fried

Tomato Kuey Teow

Even after we finished our food, dad still hasn't came back with the burgers. About 10 minutes later, he finally came back. According to him, the lady was complaining that she is understaffed (missing a partner).

Burger "Special"

Quickly gobbled down the burger and paid the bill. The burger wasn't even worth the wait. It was too dry! When we were done, dad drove us home.

Started blogging once I got home. It's 11.10pm already. Guess I'll end this post here. Please nang my previous post if you haven't. Thanks :D


  1. I wanna try the onion rings! Look kinda different from the onion rings that I usually eat!

  2. Haha, they taste like flour though. Not much of onion taste too. Better order the Half Loaf than the Full one. :)

  3. gawking at the onion loaf too :-P


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