Friday, April 30, 2010

Mall Hopping :D

Woke up at 8.50am today and had cereal for breakfast. Then, I showered and got dressed. Drove to Sunway and picked JW up. Later, we drove on to Tropicana City Mall. Got there at 11am and met up with AC, ZS, KW and YW (KW's friend).

We hung around till 11.15am before buying some drinks and popcorn. At 11.25am, we went into the cinema hall. AC asked the worker if we could leave the 2 tickets under DY's name as he wasn't here yet. That guy answered "no"! WTH, this is allowed in other GSC outlets leh!

Fortunately, DY and HX appeared right at the back of us the moment the idiot answered us. So, problem solved. But, when the movie started, we realized that the video was blur! Argh, better not watch anything in GSC, TCM. RM1 cheaper than usual but bad quality and service. Pui!

Ignoring the blurred video, we watched Iron Man 2 and still happen to enjoy it. Great storyline, Futuristic technology, Cool computer graphics and there were also Funny scenes.

After the movie, I suggested to have lunch at Kitchen Creatures in Centrepoint. Everyone agreed so we drove there and went inside the restaurant. The deco was quite nice and the menu was unique.

Kitchen Creatures, Centerpoint

Ceiling Deco

Menu (front)

Menu (inside)

Menu (back)

Unfortunately, the food wasn't that great. Carbonara tasted like cheap cheese, Chicken wasn't impressive, Lamb tasted funny and the Shiitake Mushrooms were weird. The only thing worth paying for is the House Special Root Beer.

Grilled Chicken - RM 12.00

Today's Special (Lamb Stew with Mash Potato) - RM 8.90

Bacon Carbonara - RM 11.00

Chicken Shiitake

Fried Rice with Chicken Wings - RM 8.00

House Special Root Beer - RM 4.50

After lunch, AC sent KW, ZS and YW home. Then, he went to send his brother to tuition. So there was only four of us left. HX, DY, JW and I. We went over to IKANO and visited the ALL IT Testing Center.

Showed him the receipt (piece of "mui choi" paper) and he went to the back and gave us another 2 mice. DY asked him why he did not call us earlier and he replied "It just arrived yesterday". WTF! That's SUCH A LIE!! ARGH! Never go to All-IT!

Sensonic Glaser Mouse (back with me after FIVE months)

After we took our mouse and left, we said bye to HX and DY. JW and I then walked around for a while. Then, we decided to go over to the Curve for tea. We went to Just Desserts and ordered Black Sesame and Milk Tea. Since it was their "tea time", we were allowed to add-on egg tarts and spring rolls for only 50 cents.

Ice Milk Tea - RM 2.80

Egg Tarts (add 0n) - RM 0.50

Black Sesame Paste - RM 4.50

Spring Rolls (add on) - RM 0.50

The black sesame paste was kinda tasteless. It's so thick and black yet it doesn't have any taste. Funny. Spring rolls and egg tarts were quite worth it though. The milk tea was surprisingly good. :)

Later, we walked around ended up in Popular. Bought 100 sheets of paper for my "studies". Then, we went back to IKEA and bought ice cream. :D Then at about 6.30pm, we paid the parking and drove to SS2 for dinner.

Ice Cream from IKEA - RM 1.00 (each)

Due to the jam, we only reached SS2 an hour later. Had dinner at KTZ which is a restaurant that specializes in desserts. We ordered Mango Loh, Siew Mai, Lo Mai Kai, and Szechuan Dry Noodles.


Mango Loh - RM 6.00

Lo Mai Kai - RM 2.90

Siew Mai - RM 3.80

Szechuan Dry Pan Mee - RM 5.30

My experience here wasn't a nice one. First of all, the table we sat on had water dripping onto it from the aircond above us. To make it worse, the restaurant DID NOT have any serviettes. The waitresses here are also kinda DUMB. They served dessert before dinner. ==

I also felt CHEATED when eating here. Szechuan "Dry" Pan Mee turned out to be soupy. That was fine, but then, for the first time in my life, I had something SPICY but yet TASTELESS. How is that possible? Another thing that pissed me off was that they wrote "烧卖皇" but the Siew Mai did NOT HAVE PRAWNS! WTF!

Anyway, we paid the bill and drove back to Sunway. Traffic was still quite bad. About half an hour later, we finally reached JW's hostel. After she went back, I drove myself home. The Federal Highway was still kinda slow.

Managed to reach home just before 10pm. Quickly took a shower and started uploading pictures. Then, I wrote this post while chatting and surfing the net.

It's almost 2am now. Had fun spending time with my friends today. 5 malls in a day. Hehe. Anyway, goodnight and goodbye.


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