Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Of Classes and Chocolate

Was having some dramatic dream when suddenly I heard the alarm rang. Got up and had breakfast. Then, I went to shower and got dressed before driving to TPM. AC picked me up and we went to class.

DY bought two cans of Ice Lemon Tea for us to share. :) We then sat in the class listening to Mr Jawad read his slides. Useless lecturer... Class ended 2 hours later. DY and I then bought some drinks before going to our next class.

Season's Ice Lemon Tea

Played "Multiplayer Mode" in AoM till the lecturer came in. Had to end the game and go to our seats. Our other friends joined us soon. Then, we stayed there till Mr Chong ended his uncontrollable class.

At 4pm, AC dropped me at my car and I was greeted by a pink slip! WTH!! As I went closer, it said the I didn't scratch my parking ticket! But obviously, it WAS SCRATCHED! Fortunately, my car wasn't clamped. If they did, I'd make a BIG BIG FUSS! Idiots...

Anyway, on the way home, I called mum to ask if she was game for tea. She said okay and asked me to meet her at home. It was raining and most of the roads were filled with water. I could feel my car's belly being washed. :S

Back home, I quickly went to my room and changed. Then, mum came back and brought E and I to Bangsar Village. While waiting for a parking spot, we witnessed two people fighting over a spot. One guy took this lady's spot and the lady CAME DOWN and scolded him.

I guess she was fighting for her rights. But I was thinking, why can't she just move on and find another parking? There was PLENTY of vacant spots on the other side. What a drama queen. Memalukan orang Bangsar je...

Anyway, we drove away while two of them continued fighting (verbally) and managed to find a nice parking spot. Went up to Chocolate and ordered our drinks. We also had a Chocolate Affair. :D

Ms Coco Frappe - RM 12.90

Chocolate Affair - RM 25.90

Stayed there for about 45 minutes enjoying our chocolate while I drew some stuff for my assignment. And since I had some extra paper, I scribbled some stuff. Hehe :)

My scribbles

At about 6pm, we paid and went home. I started playing AoM and uploading pictures. Then at 7.30pm, I went downstairs for a quick dinner. Came up to write this post and chatted with some of my friends.

Tried to connect Hamachi with DY but it failed. Thena t about 10.30pm, I went downstairs to get my weekly dose of scandals from DH. It's 11.30pm now and I shall end this post here. See you guys tomorrow...


  1. Dropping by ere. =). Wow, I like the chocolate affair @ chocolate lounge

  2. that chocolate affair looks really delicious!

  3. I wanna have the Chocolate affair. :P

  4. Hey guys, affairs are sinful but don't you agree this one is just GREAT? :D


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