Sunday, May 16, 2010

On My Sister's Birthday,...

I woke up at 10.30am. Played with my iPod for a while before washing up. Put on my contacts after that. By the time I was done, mum already brought the girls to BV for lunch. =.=''

Determined not to be affected by one bitchy move, I poured myself some cereal and ate it with milk. Watched TV while eating my brunch. Later, I came upstairs to use my laptop till abut 5pm.

Then, I went downstairs to have some snacks. A cup mango yoghurt, a piece of Oreo, and a chocolate cookie. :D

Throughout the day, my Digi line kept having problems with sending messages. That caused the phone being tossed and smacked by me for multiple times. *Head lights up in FIRE!!* It's a good thing this is just a crap phone.

Came upstairs at about 7pm to write this post. I'll be ending this post now since the party would end late. There will be pizza, satay, noodles, people, and ice cream cake! :D

Enjoy the remaining hours of your weekends, people :)

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