Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

M woke me up at 11.40am and asked me to get ready for lunch. So, I popped out of bed and went downstairs for some water. By the time everyone was ready, it was about 12.40pm. Mum then drove us to BSC for lunch.

We decided to have lunch at Monte's. I was about to order Chicken Chop when mum said "I thought you were supposed to eat less today?". Since she mentioned, I flipped to the salad page and ordered Caesar Salad.

Complimentary Bread - RM 0.00

Caesar Salad - RM 16.00

Charbroiled Spare Ribs - RM 55.00

Unfortunately, the salad wasn't that great. Stole a few bites of mum's Charbroiled Spare Ribs that was quite nice. At about 2pm, we paid the bill and went up to the 4th floor. Times was having their Mega Book Clearance so we went inside.

Times Mega Book Clearance (4th Floor, BSC)

Stayed there for about an hour browsing the old books. All the books were unorganized which made it really hard to find a book. The only reason we left was because all of us were feeling woozy after going through so many books. :S

After mum paid, we went down to Tutti Frutti and had some yogurt ice cream. The weekend promotion wasn't available anymore so it was more expensive than our previous visit. Nevertheless, it was still a great dessert.

Mixed Tutti Frutti (Lychee & Chocolate) - RM 11.15

When we were done, we paid the parking and went home. For some reason, there were many cars exiting at the same time. This caused the traffic to slow down and made us exceed the 15 minutes "exit time". Fortunately, the barrier was up because the mechanic was maintaining it.

Once I got home, I went to my room and laid on my bed. It only took me about a minute to fall asleep. Woke up at about 6.40pm and waited for my turn to shower. By the time everyone was done, it was already 7.30pm.

After a few suggestions, we ended up trying out Pizza Milano in Lucky Garden. They have been in KLCC for 10 years already and there is another outlet in 1Utama. This one in Bangsar is a franchise.

We ordered mushroom soup, three pizzas, two bowls of spaghetti and some lasagna. Later, we also ordered two waffles to try. The service here was really good (Shaun) but the food was a little pricey.

Pizza Milano, Lucky Garden

Mango Juice & Orange Juice - RM 5.00 (each)

Mushroom Soup (comes with Garlic Bread) - RM 4.50

Pizza Margherita (large) - RM 12.99
(Cheddar & Mozarella Cheese & Tomato Sauce)

Pizza Hawaiian (large) - RM 13.99
(Pineapple, Chicken Pepperoni, Bologna & Mozarella Cheese)

Pizza Chicken Supreme (large) - RM 13.99
(Chicken Pepperoni, Bolognese & Bologna, Mushrooms & Cheese)

Spaghetti Napolitana - RM 7.80
(Chicken Bolognese Sauce, Mix Vegetables, Mushroom & Tomato)

Fetuccini Carbonara - RM 8.50
(Cream Cheese Sauce, Garlic Butter, Chicken Bologna & Mushroom)

Beef Lasagna - RM 9.50
(Beef Bolognese Sauce, Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese)

Mixed Fruit Waffle with Toppings (large) - RM 6.99

Apple Cinnamon Waffle with Toppings (large) - RM 6.20

Overall, the food was just okay. If I were to visit this place again, I'll order the Lasagna and the Double Scoop Ice Cream with Waffles. These are the top 2 in my "list".

Anyway, dad paid the bill and we went over to TMC. Bought some groceries before going back home. Then, I started uploading pictures and blogging till now.

It's 11.20pm and I shall end this post now. Tomorrow will be another typical day in college. We'll see how that turns out. Goodbye peeps! :)


  1. you sinful yesterday ? i have been sinful in my dinner today. OMFG


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