Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of Innit And Nuffnang :)

**If you people are wondering what happened to K and my sis, you'll have to visit my blog in 2 days. There will be no updates today. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here.**

Woke up at 9.45am today and had cereal for breakfast. Did the usual stuff before going to college. Went to class with AC since we arrived together. Waited a while before the AI lecturer came in.

He ended the class half an hour early so we had time to go out for lunch. Went to Grill King, Puchong and ordered Hainan Black Sos for lunch. Had Hainan Ice Coffee too. It was a pleasant lunch. :)

Iced Hainan Coffee - RM 2.60

Hainan Black Sos - RM 5.50 (used to be RM4.80)

Later, we went back to APIIT and walked to ENT3 for our class. The lecture ended at 4pm but it was raining heavily. We camped in the building till our classmate, CY came to pick us up. Since she can't go into the APIIT parking (AC and I parked our cars there), we had to RUN to our cars! Got pretty wet there!

I then drove home and took a shower. Got dressed and waited for the rain to stop. At about 5.30pm, it was still drizzling. Decided to go off already or else I would be late.

Arrived at JW's hostel by 6.10pm. After picking her up, we made our way to the Curve. After parking, we walked around to look for food. In the end, we had our dinner in Ikea. I had meatballs while JW had a Chicken Leg.

Chicken Leg with Swedish Herbs - RM 12.90

Swedish Meatballs (10 pieces) - RM 9 (Tuesday promo)

After dinner, we went downstairs to get our dessert. Ikea Ice Cream! Then, we walked around Ikano for a while.

Ice Cream - RM 1.00 (each)

At 8pm, we went to e@Curve and waited in line to collect our tickets. There were actually 3 companies giving out tickets for this premiere screening. Nuffnang, Spotlite, and CinemaOnline. The Nuffnang queue was the longest. Thank goodness we came a bit earlier. :)

The Descent: Part 2 (thanks to JW who won it :D)

After that, we had an hour more to spare. So, we ended up sipping Iced Lavender Coffee in Winter Warmers. The coffee wasn't that great though. Paid the bill and went back to the cinema to join the other blogger for "The Descent 2".

Since we came early, our seats were just nice (fourth row from behind). We were also lucky to get seats right in the middle of the cinema. To avoid spoiling the fun, I'll just say that this movie gave us a good thrill (a girl shouted) but the ending was kinda crappy.

Movie ended at about 11.30pm and I dropped JW at her friend's house. By the time I got home, it was already 12.20pm. Turned on my laptop and realized that my previous post has 28 NANGS! :D

28 Nangs!! (19 May 2010, 12.30am)

Earlier today, it was on Innit's Daily Top Ten. 24 hours has passed therefore it isn't there anymore. :( Just have to hope I get boosted up to the Weekly chart. :)

Dramatic B*tch with 15 nangs (18 May 2010, 3.44pm)

And because of my previous post, I have quite a spike in traffic. :D Out of the 69 (according to Nuffnang, its 74) people that dropped by, 10 of ten left some comments. Some of them have some interesting points. xD

Results from Sitemeter.com (19 May 2010, 12.37am)

Results from Nuffnang Analytics (19 May 2010, 9.58am)

Anyway, it's already 2.30am. I'll be blogging late again tomorrow because I'll also be going for the PJ Laugh Fest. Goodnight fellas!


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