Friday, May 14, 2010

Full-Stomach Friday

Woke up at 10.50am today. Went downstairs for some water before coming back up to use my laptop. Waited till 1.45pm before I had my lunch. We are vegetarian today so GM bought lunch from the market.

After that, I came upstairs and Skyped till about 4pm. Then, mum, J, M and I went over to BV. Headed to Delicious and ordered 5 items. The food wasn't as good as before. Cakes were harder than usual.

Apple Pie - RM 12.90

Chocolate Banana Cake - RM 12.90

Strawberry Cheese Cake - RM 12.90

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

They also had a new "American Diner" menu which featured some classic American food. So, we ordered their Onion Rings to try. Though it was COATED with oil, the onion rings were Delicious! Dipping it into the Aioli made it even BETTER!

Onion Rings with Aioli - RM 9.90

After we paid the bill, all of us went over to CzipLee Plus. Didn't buy anything though. Walked around again until we ended up at Coffee Bean. It's been a while since I last stepped foot here.

They had this Yoghurt machine so I ordered one that was Caramel Macchiato flavored. To my disappointment, the yoghurt was too watery. It tasted just like caramel with shaved ice. :S

Caramel Macchiato Yoghurt (Regular) - RM 11.90

I also ordered a Ice Blended Double Chocolate. While sitting there, we noticed a streak of rainbow on M's shirt. So, J and I put our hands above it. :)

Ice Blended Double Chocolate - 12.80

Catching a rainbow! :D

After all the food I ate, my stomach was too full to finish my drink. So, I had to bring the rest back home to enjoy. We exceeded the two hour limit by just 2 minutes! Ended up paying an extra RM 1.50.

Back home, I played a few games of AoE3W. The others were watching the badminton game. Finally at about 8.30pm, all of us left the house and dad drove us to Paramount for dinner. Went to this vegetarian restaurant named "Tian Pin".

We ordered 5 dishes and a pot of tea. Halfway through the dinner, the tea still wasn't served. So, we canceled it. To make it up, they gave us a plate of complimentary fruits. :) The dinner was quite good too, actually.

Signature Fried Mee - RM 9.00

Vege with Curry (comes with bread) - RM 10.00

Butter "Prawns" - RM 15.00

Sweet and Sour "Pork" - RM 15.00

Long Beans fried with Black Beans - RM 15.00

Fruits - RM 0.00

By the time we drove home, it was already 10pm. I then started editing songs from the latest episode of Glee while waiting for the pictures to be uploaded. Took my shower just before 11pm and continued writing this post.

It's 11.40pm already. May everyone enjoy the rest of the night...


  1. aww man~ not a good time 2 visit all the yummy food blog, stomach hungry nw @.@

  2. Hahaha, drop by earlier next time then. :D


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