Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thorana in BISDS

For this year's Wesak, there was a big Thorana display of painted pictures with blinking lights in the BMV (Buddhist Maha Vihara, Brickfields).

Buddhist Maha Vihara

Thorana, also known as Pandal are usually set up during the Wesak festival depicting episodes of the life of Gautama Buddha.

This display was titled "Life of the Buddha in Lighted Pictorials" and has 10 paintings.

Thorana at BMV, Brickfields

Thorana in Video

Picture 1: Birth of Prince Siddartha on Wesak Day

Picture 2: The Four Sights: Old Man, Sick Man, Dead Man, Ascetic

Picture 3: Giving up the Palace and becoming an Ascetic

Picture 4: Severe Fasting

Picture 5: Overcoming Mara, The Evil One

Picture 6: The First Sermon to the Five Ascetics

Picture 7: Receiving Alms from Rich and Poor

Picture 8: Taming the Enraged Elephant, Nalagiri

Picture 9: Setting up the Order of Nuns

Picture 10: The Great Passing Away on Wesak Day

Went over to the covered tent beside the Thorana and peeked into the mechanism. To my surprise, it wasn't some high tech digital gadget. The technology is very similar to a music box. The instructions are on the wheels. And as it spins, that determines what lights shall be lit.

Thorana Mechanism

If you listen to the video, you can hear sparks. That's the fuses for the lights. There is also a man watching over the device as a fire might spark out.

Look at the sparks!

Visiting the temple at night was also a very serene experience. Weather was nice and the temple was beautifully lit. It was also very peaceful and quiet.

Lotus Fountain

Shrine Hall

Wisma Sri Dham

To those who are interested, you better go soon because the Thorana won't be there for long. Click here for the address.

Wishing everyone a Happy Wesak.

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