Saturday, May 15, 2010

Super Hot and Sweaty

Woke up at 11am and washed up. Used the laptop till 12.30pm. M and I then followed mum to pick E up from art class. Right after that, we drove to BV for lunch. Parking was limited and we had to wait quite a while.

Just as we were about to park, an idiot drove forward and took our spot. Since we didn't want to fight with him, I'll just release my anger by posting the picture of his WTF car! As he came out, we were staring at him. And yet, he NODDED at us. What a disgrace to all Japanese!


Minutes later, a car left and we parked right beside the idiot. Walked up to Mizu and had lunch there. Ordered the Unagi set which turned out to be the WORST unagi ever! It was so tough and full of bones!

Seafood on Ice

Table Setting

Mizu Maki - RM 35.00

Salmon Teppanyaki - RM 25.00

Unagi - RM 32.00

How can a restaurant like that be so inconsistent?! To make it worst, we asked for a table and they made us sit by the stove (facing the chefs). They told us that they will move us once the other table left. But even after we paid the bill, we still weren't moved. ARGH!

After lunch, we went to Speedy but the CDs I wanted to buy was out of stock. Too bad! We then went back home where I spent about an hour playing "World Series of Poker" on my iPod. Later, I came upstairs to play AoE3W till it was 7.30pm.

Took my shower and went downstairs to wait for the others to get ready. Then at about 8pm, dad brought all of us to PJ New Town and we decided to have dinner at Kopi-Oh. We passed by this place a few times already but always ended up at Strawberry Fields instead.

Ice Blended "Cappucino and Coffee" - RM 3.00

Ice Blended "Strawberry and Chocolate" - RM 3.00

Three Layer Tea - RM 3.20

Roti Bakar - RM 1.80

Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam - RM 6.90

Hokkien Mee - RM 6.90

Noodles with Chicken and Ginger - RM 6.90

Black Pepper Chicken Chop - RM 9.90

Hainan Chicken Chop - RM 9.90

Fish and Chips - RM 9.90

I had their Black Pepper Chicken Chop which was quite good. The black pepper sauce wasn't that great but the bun, fries and salad were good. The Ice Blended drinks here were reasonably priced too. And, the Roti Bakar here was SUPERB! Definitely will drop by again for dinner. :D

After dad paid, we drove back to Bangsar and went to TMC. All of us took what we wanted and piled up the shopping cart. Just as I predicted, the price was a little below RM400. Lots and lots of FOOD. xD

Cart full of FOOD!!

We spent at least 5 minutes loading the stuff into the car. Back home, it took us another 10 minutes to arrange them into the fridge and cupboard.

After that, I came upstairs to upload the pictures while playing WSOP. Later, I took of my contacts and started blogging. It's 11.40pm now and I shall end this post here. Goodbye :)


  1. everyday is hot.. but it seems that it's raining more often.. =)

    nice food btw!

  2. hmm bad driver.. uncivilized.. u know i wouldnt be as patient as u.. xD

  3. Haiya, civilized people won't go fight with these uncivilized people mah. Unlike "some" others. XD


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