Monday, May 24, 2010

Uninteresting Post

Woke up at 8am today and had 2 cupcakes for breakfast. Later, I showered and drove off to APIIT. After parking, I went to meet AC at the foyer. Surprisingly, there was no line (to buy next month's parking) yet.

We waited for another 25 minutes before it was 9.55am. Then, someone went to the counter and everyone followed him. We were the third bunch that bought the parking and the line consists of only 20 people. Weird!

Since we had time till our next class, AC and I drove to Sri Petaling. Picked AL up and the three of us went to Old Town for Breakfast (brunch for AC and AL). I then ordered the toast set which was quite good.

My Toast Set - RM 4.50

Later, we paid up and drove back to APIIT. We STILL had time to go to the admin to settle some stuff for AL. Only after that did we go to the lab for class. It was 12pm and the lecture just started.

An hour later, we were dismissed. AC, AL and DY didn't want to eat so the remaining 3 of us went over to DNL for lunch. Since I wasn't too hungry I ordered a Roti Planta. It was quite good. :)

Then at 1.50pm, we went to our class and waited for the lecturer to come in. At about 2.10pm, he started the class. Less than 2 hours later, this class ended too. J then texted our AI lecturer and she told her that there will be no class. WTF! This is the 5th time already!

Everyone went home except our group. All of us were using our laptops to pass time. When I was done, I said bye to them and walked to my car. Who knows when they will finally decide to go home. LOL! :P

Anyway, I got home at about 5pm and I stayed downstairs for a short while. Later, I came back up and took a nap. At 7pm, I got up and went to take my shower before watching TV. After that, I had my dinner.

Came upstairs to watch an episode of Desperate Housewives while waiting for my pictures to be uploaded. Anyway, it's 9.45pm now. Since there is nothing much to blog about, I'll just end this post here. Night.


  1. but old town is interesting =)

  2. Haha, but sometimes I feel it is too commercialized :S


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