Saturday, May 8, 2010

My 800th Post

Woke up at about 4pm and rolled on the bed. Couldn't fall asleep. Went downstairs for some water but that didn't help to. So in the end, I turned my laptop on and started editing the Glee episodes into WAV format for my iPod.

Dad came into my room at about 6.30am and told me he was going out. Continued editing till it was 8.30am. M and mum woke up. They then asked if I wanted to go for breakfast. Upon agreeing, I quickly washed up and went to Subway with them.

There, we paid RM6.30 each for a sandwich and a drink. It's actually quite value for money! The sandwich was healthy and delicious too. :D

Sandwich & Drink - RM 6.30

After we were done, we drove to Lucky Garden. The driving school wasn't open yet so we went back home. We stayed home for less than 2 hours before driving off to MidValley for lunch. Before that, we went to the driving school and paid M's fees.

We arrived in Gardens at about 12pm. We then went to "I Love Yoo" because E could only eat porridge. Ordered Set A, Set B and another bowl of Tau Foo Far. E had the porridge while the rest of us shared everything else on the table.

Set A (You Tiao & Porridge) - RM 3.90

Set B (You Tiao & Soya Bean) - RM 3.90

Tau Foo Far - RM 3.20

Then, we walked back upstairs to have lunch at Sushi Zanmai. Shared a Oyako Don with M and I also ordered some sushi. We didn't eat much sushi because we sat away from the conveyor belt. Their loss :P

Oyako Don (Large) - RM 15.80

Tuna Salad Sushi - RM 2.80
Inari - RM 1.80

Soft Shell Crab Maki - RM 6.80

Soft Shell Crab Handroll - RM 4.80 (each)

When we were done, it was already 1pm. M went to join her friends to watch Iron Man 2 while the rest of us walked over to The Garden's Club. Not long after we sat down, I asked mum about the "Earphones with Mic" she promised to buy for me.

Didn't really take it seriously so I was kinda surprised when mum asked me to go to Machines with her. Once there, I asked for the product and mum gave them her card. This made my day. :D Thanks mum!

Earphones with Remote and Mic - RM 129.00

Here comes the dumb part. As we were waiting for the payment to be processed, one fella came towards the merchandise on the wall and the worker said "Can I help you sir?". That ass then replied "Looking at what I can waste my money on". WTF! If you are so rich, go donate your money to charity. Don't come here and parade your wealth! BRAINLESS!

After mum signed, we went back to TGC. Stayed there for another 5 minutes before walking over to MidValley for our movie. We were there to watch "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". Collected our tickets and made our way into the cinema hall.

Since I read the book, I knew roughly what was going to happen. But, the directors did tweak the story a little. There was one part where I laughed HARD!! Think pee, brother and mum. :D Great movie for kids above ten! Those below ten probably won't understand some stuff.

The movie ended at 3.15pm. We then went to Alexis for tea. Ordered three cakes to share among us. The cakes weren't that great though. Even the portion of their famous Tiramisu cake has shrunk. *Shakes head*

Tiramisu - RM 15.00

Chocolate Bittersweet - RM 12.50

Strawberry Cheese Cake - RM 12.50

After that, we went to TGC but it was so packed and there was no place to sit! So, we just hung around at Art Friend while M took her SWEET time to come find us. Finally at 4.30pm she appeared and we went back.

Once back home, I used the bathroom and got ready for AML's Pre-wedding Buffet Dinner later tonight. So that's why I wrote this post so early. Probably will come home late tonight so I'll end this post right here. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone! :)


  1. omg..the cakes! kill me!! :-P

  2. Aaaahhh....I see sushi!!!and cake!!! Green eyes!!! :P

  3. Hello ohmywtf, before you die, remember to go eat the cakes. :D

    Joyce, take off your green contacts lah! No more green eyes :)


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