Sunday, May 23, 2010

For Goodness SAKE, you Bad Tiger!!

Woke up at 10.30am today and went to wash up. Then, I used my laptop till it was time for lunch. Mum brought us to BV and we went to "for Goodness SAKE". This restaurant has been open or 3 months already.

For Goodness SAKE!

But due to lack of staff, they did not want to publicize it. Therefore, not many people were eating there. In fact, we were the only ones sitting there. The manager was really friendly though. Thumbs up to him! :)

*Just when I turned on my camera, it started flashing "No Memory Space On Internal Memory". My memory card was still in my laptop! Fortunately, mum brought her DSLR. So, I took it and went snapping away.*

Place Mat / Menu

Table Setting

I ordered a Soft Shell Crab, Tori Teriyaki and Poteto Sarada. The soft shell crab wasn't really crunchy and all I could taste was flour. Even so, I still loved it. Teriyaki Chicken was also unusual. Here, they fry the chicken first before pouring Teriyaki sauce. Great too!

Soft Shell Crab - RM 10.00

Tori Teriyaki - RM 12.00

Tried their potato salad (Poteto Sarada) which was unique too. I could taste some wasabi in the mash potato. Though it was also good, I don't think I will pay RM8 for just that. Not worth it...

Poteto Sarada - RM 8.00

About an hour later, we finished our meal and went back home. Then, I spent the rest of my afternoon compiling all the digital pictures we (our family) has ever taken and sorted them PROPERLY.

At about 7.30pm, dad then drove us to IKEA. Went upstairs for dinner and I had 15 pieces of meatballs. Shared 2 Daim cakes among the 7 of us. Had mineral water too while the others drank juice.

Ginger Glazed Salmon - RM 16.70

Meatballs (10 pieces) - RM 10.50

Apple Juice - RM 1.58 (each)

Banana Muffin - RM 1.58

Soup of the Day - RM 3.15

Daim Cake - RM 5.46

When we were done, all of us walked around for a little while. Ended up buying the wooden photo frame because M needed it for Student Council. After paying, we walked over to the Curve and visited Daiso (RM5 shop).

It was M's idea to come here. But after 20 minutes of browsing, she did not get anything. J bought some rubber bands (for hair) and E bought a pattern puncher. Dad said we could buy an item each so I decided to buy a TIGER! :D

Before going home, I brought everyone to Cupcake Chic. There, I choose 4 cupcakes. Since we bought 4, we were entitled to get 2 drinks at RM3. So, we ordered 2 cups of Iced Cappuccino for mum and J.

Wake Me Up (Coffee Cake with Coffee Frosting) - RM 4.50

Chocofee (Coffee Cake with Chocolate Frosting) - RM 4.50

Fatal Attraction (Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting) - RM 4.50

Naughty 'n Nice (Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Frosting) - RM 4.50

Iced Cappuccino (add-on) - RM 3.00

By the time we got home, it was already 10.20pm. Fooled around with my new toy and took some pictures. Then, I put it on the monitor to stir J up a little bit.

White Tiger from Daiso - RM 5.00

Climbing up my table :)

Unfortunately, that wasn't all I did. J shouted at me and pointed at the screen! Turned my head and saw a green PATCH on the monitor! SHYT! I totally forgot that magnets aren't supposed to go near electric screens! ARGH! :S

Green Patch

Anyway, what's done is done. Left that be and went to shower. After I came out, I started uploading pictures and wrote this post. Something happened that made M come into my room. Started talking to each other for quite a long time. Nice :)

It's 12.35am already and I shall end the call now. Goodnight!


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