Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Slow Streamyx!

Woke up at 9am today and had cereal for breakfast. Later, I showered and drove on to APIIT for class. I thought I was the earliest but when I reached the class, AC and DY were already there! It was 10.25am.

Waited for another half an hour before the lecturer arrived. He was 15 minutes late. Anyway, today's class was much better than all his previous classes because AC and I managed to understand what he is teaching.

Later, we went up to DNL and bought lunch. I had rice with beancurd and vege as usual. After that, all of us went back to the previous class and stayed there till it was 1.45pm. Then, we walked over to our next class.

My lunch - RM 4.00
**Forgot to bring my camera to DNL so, used AC's TX1**

The lecture started 10 minutes after we got there. Sat there for less then 2 hours before the lecturer finally let us go home. All of us then walked to the car park and I said bye to them. Drove home and got home by 4.30pm.

Then, I used the laptop for a while. Internet was SUPER SLOW till I got so fed up. Took a shower to cool off. Unfortunately, the speed was still slow even after I restarted the modem! ARGH!

0.25mbps! WTH!

Called TM and followed their step by step instructions. Later, she told me she reset my port and I'd have to retry 15 minutes later. So, I went downstairs to have my dinner before coming up to try again.

Yet again, the speed was slow. A little improvement though. Then later, I called again and tell them it didn't work. So, the customer service staff made me do some configurations on the PC. Still, it did not work. She then made a report and withing 24 hours, a technician will call me.

0.44mbps. A little improvement...

There is nothing much I can do right now. Just got to wait. Anyway, I'm going to end this post here. Enjoy the rest of the night everyone. :)

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