Thursday, May 6, 2010

Genting with Gang

Woke up at about 9.30am and used the laptop for a while. AC called and said he is coming already. So, I quickly showered and changed. He picked me up at about 10.40am. DY suggested Old Town so we went there for breakfast.

All of us ordered the Toast set. We quickly ate our breakfast and drove over to ENT3. On the way there, we passed by the LRT station and saw KW there. So, we stopped to pick him up. We then went to class together.

Toast Set - RM 4.50 (Thank's AC! :P)

AC was wearing a T-shirt and surfpants! He then wore a jacket over his shirt. On the other hand, I was wearing jeans :S Ironically, the first thing the lecturer said when he came is was, "Few days ago, a lecturer sent home a student because he was wearing jeans" :P

In the middle of the class, AL came into the class with jeans and the lecturer gave him a "lecture". Hahahah :P

Anyway, the class ended at 1pm and we split into two cars. DY, HX, AC and I in AC's car while KW, ZS and AL went into AL's car. AC drove us straight to GohTong Jaya while AL went to pick MY.

At about 2.20pm, we arrived at GohTong Jaya. We called the other car and they told us they still haven't got onto the highway. Later, we found out that the reason they were late was because of a INCOSIDERATE friend.

Why do we tolerate inconsiderate people?? Well, it's because though they don't deserve it, it does not mean we would sink to their level. And, there is also a possibility that their watch ran out of batteries. :)

Since we had another half an hour to kill, we went to Yik Kee and got ourselves some Durian Ice Cream. The ice cream was quite good. Slightly too soft though. And for the price, I'd rather eat two cones from McD.

Ice Cream Machine

Durian (left) - RM 2.00
Vanilla (right) - RM 1.50

Hung around till 2.55pm. That was when the others arrived. We then went to Yoong Kee (we eat here whenever we come up although it's expensive, sigh...) for lunch. AL did the ordering. Food wasn't that great but it wasn't bad either. Very overpriced though.

The total bill was RM 147. Since we were celebrating AC's birthday, we paid for him. So, each of us then paid RM21. We said goodbye to AL, MY, KW and ZS who were staying over at Genting. Then, we drove down.

On the way down, KW called and said his luggage was in AC's car. So, we had to go all the way to the Karak toll and make a U-turn, drive back to GohTong Jaya, before finally driving back down again. That took us about an hour.

By the time AC dropped me home, it was already 6.20pm. Anyway, it was a nice time in the car. Went through some Ups and Downs. If you know what I mean :P

I used my laptop for a while before taking my shower. Then, I watched Glee till 7.30pm. After that, I had to send M and her friends to tuition. That took me half an hour. By the time I got home, it was 8.30pm.

Quickly ate my dinner and came up to use my laptop. Started blogging at 11pm till now. It's 8 minutes before midnight and I shall end my post here. Goodnight :D


  1. i so wanna go genting soon! =D

  2. City of Entertainment. I'm sure many of us want to go too. XD


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