Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Olive, TTDI

We were driving around Taman Tun area and saw the green signboard of this cafe. "The Olive". Dad parked the car and we went down to check it out. First thing I noticed was the deco. The walls here were painted on in a childishly-cute manner.

The Olive, TTDI

Interesting decorations

Creative wall deco

Is this appropriate?? You guys tell me...

As we sat down, they gave us the menu. There was a fair range of food in the menu but there wasn't any dessert. :(

After 5 minutes, I decided to order Chicken Cream Soup, Bruchetta, Baked Beef Lasagna, and a Chocolate Milkshake.

My milkshake wasn't really chocolatey but I still liked the texture of it. Tasted mum's Iced Cappucino which was fine too. Also, the bruchetta turned out to be GREAT. Even better than Italiannese.

Chocolate Milkshake - RM 7.90

Iced Cappuccino - RM 7.90

My Chicken Cream Soup wasn't that great because it was from the can. According to the staff, only Mushroom Soup and Pumpkin Soup are made of freshly cut ingredients. Tasted E's Cream of Mushroom Soup and it was good. He wasn't lying.

Chicken Cream Soup - RM 6.90

Cream of Mushroom Soup - RM 6.90

Bruchetta - RM 6.90

Tasted some of M's Grilled Chicken Salad but that wasn't impressive. On the other hand, E's Spaghetti Carbonanra was quite good. Very rich and creamy.

Grilled Chicken Salad - RM 9.90

Spaghetti Carbonara - RM 16.90

Later, the Lasagna was served. This dish was tasty but a little too dry. To make it better, they should have melted the layers further to make them stick to each other. I could actually just peel the lasagna layer by layer. :S

Baked Beef Lasagna - RM 14.90

When I was done, I took a bite of mum's Lamb Chop. Was a bit too hard but it still tasted good. I also had a small piece of J's Fish. Didn't like it as it was too dry.

Lamb Chop with Mint Sauce - RM 29.90

Fish & Chips - RM 16.90

After dinner, I noticed the drawings on the wall and stared at it for a full 2 minutes. I was wondering if my eyes were failing me. That's all because I saw this...

Can you figure it out?

The bird house on the left, which is the real thing, is BLACK. And, the bird house on the left, a reflection of the real thing, is WHITE!!

When I told M, she immediately told me that it was the reflection of the light. Damn, I felt so dumb! xD

The waiters here are polite but they tend to be blur at times. Also, they use plastic coasters which defeat the purpose of coasters and creating an utter mess. They put my cold drink on top of it and after dinner, this is what happens...

Water all over the place.

One thing I liked about this place was the music. Throughout our dinner, they were playing popular songs from year 2004. Was singing along to "Say It Isn't So" and "Everytime".

In my opinion, the food here is just average. Only some of the dishes here are reasonably priced. Probably would not come here again in the near future.

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  1. delicious :D will check it out someday

  2. I like the wall deco there. Very nice :)

  3. The bruchetta looks tasty!! :D

  4. @Azizan, yeah it was quite a pleasant dinner.

    @jfook, which is your favourite ah? Tsk tsk... xD

    @Lindy, and it tasted tasty too :P

  5. Simple food. the lamb chop and the cabonara appears to be on the high side.

  6. OooOO! I want to try! =P mushroom soup seems to be so tempting me right now

  7. cehhh!! ingatkan ape la...!
    anyway... im hungryyyy!!! i hate foodblog!

  8. @meoramri. Yeah, I agree with you. Overpriced.

    @kianfai87. Hello. You should go try. Can taste the chunks of mushrooms inside. Yummy!

    @Bil. Haha, sorry I made your stomach growl at you. :S

  9. wow. . this place seems kinda nice .. prices are standard also .. gonna check it out someday lolx :D

  10. looks like a nice place to hang out :)

  11. @Shadowburble Yeah, most of the prices are reasonable. :)

  12. @Alyssa. Hello :) The music there was really nice too. Definitely a hang-out place

  13. I know where can get some of the wall stickers on line! but not the naked lady one though ;p

  14. @Glo-w Hi. Actually, some of the stickers can be purchased at Ikea too. xD

  15. at least they din show the front of the gal showering

  16. @Lukey. Hey Dori! I bet if they did, they'd have more customers. xD

  17. Baked Beef Lasagna makes me drooling~!!


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