Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Not-Doing-Anything Sunday

When I checked my watch, I was surprised to see "12.30pm"! I thought we were gonna have breakfast. Anyway, it was still nice to sleep in. Used the laptop for a while till it was time for lunch.

Dad then brought us to this place in Paramount named "Restaurant Gafan". This is a branch from the famous Taman Connaught outlet. Didn't really like it here though. Plus, we were the ONLY customers.

Fried Beancurd (12pieces) - RM 10.00

Mutton Rice (Small) - RM 7.00

Had their Mutton Rice which was okay. The rice was very dry though. Also, we had some fried beancurd that tasted really weird to me. When we were done, dad paid and we went home.

Back home, we had some ice cream. Then, I came upstairs to use my laptop. Chatted a while before watching 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives. Took a nap at about 5.30pm.

Later, I woke up and waited for my turn to shower. When all of us were done, dad drove us to dinner at The Olive, TTDI.

Then, we went to Eastin Hotel and bought 3 cupcakes as they were on sale. The cafe at Eastin sells their cakes at 50% off after 6pm everyday. So, we bought 2 Chocolate Chip Cupcakes and 1 Poppy Seed Cupcake.

Cupcakes in the box

Back home, we unboxed it I took some pictures. After tasting them, I realized that the Poppy Seed Cupcake wasn't that great but the Chocolate Chips in the Chocolate Chip Cupcakes were GOOD! Only thing I disliked was the weird tasting sugar coating on the top of all the cupcakes.

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes - RM 5.50++ (before discount)

Poppy Seed Cupcakes - RM 5.50++ (before discount)

Anyway, I came upstairs and started writing this post. It's 11pm now and I still have one post to write. Goodnight...

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