Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chef and Brew, Damansara Heights

So dad brought us to this place called "Chef & Brew" in Damansara Heights for dinner. The place was quite big and the decorations were pleasant. Even before we were seated, mum, J and I went over to the dessert bar and STARED!

Chef & Brew, Damansara Heights

Outdoor Dining Area


Indoor Dining Area

Dessert Bar

Sat at our table and looked at the menu for about 5 minutes. There were many choices so we took quite some time to decide. I then ordered Garlic Toast, Mocha Crushed, and Grilled Chicken Fillet With Roast Sauce.


Before our food came, they gave us a slice of complimentary bread each. Though the bread wasn't great, the good quality butter compensated for it. Delicious!

Complimentary Bread and Butter

Then, our drinks arrived. They wrapped the plastic cups with serviettes and cellophane-taped it together. That's rather environmentally UNfriendly. But, the drinks were GREAT! The ice were well crushed and my Mocha Crushed was very tasty! Mum's Hazelnut Mocha Blended was good too.

Standard Cold Drink Presentation

Mocha Crushed - RM 7.90

Hazelnut Mocha Blended - RM 8.90

Not long after that, my Garlic Toast arrived. I shared it with everyone and it was VERY VERY delicious. One of the main reasons is because they put a more than GENEROUS amount of Garlic Spread on the bread. This sinful snack is oily but Highly Recommended to my readers!

Garlic Toast - RM 1.40

Later, our main courses were served. Mine was good except the fact that they used celery in the Roast Sauce. Also, I didn't like their boiled vegetables. Tried mum's Baked Fillet of Fish and it was nice.

Grilled Chicken Fillet with Roast Sauce - RM 17.90

Baked Fillet of Fish - RM 23.90

Tried GM's Seafood Meehoon but I did not like it. The chips had gone soft and the noodles were too dry. Did not try the other dishes that my family ordered as I wanted to keep my stomach for dessert. Didn't hear any negative comments though.

Seafood Meehon (Indo Style) - RM 10.90

Cream of Mushroom - RM 6.90

Sizzling Grill Fish Steak - RM 24.90

Fish & Chips - RM 17.90

Wild Mushroom Chicken Fillet - RM 21.90

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognaise - RM 15.90

After dinner, we went back to the dessert bar and ordered 4 cakes. Chocolate Lava, Chocolate Cake Ala Mode, Italian Cheese Cake, and Chocolate Durian. All of them tasted just okay. Nothing much to shout about.

Chocolate Lava - RM 8.90

Chocolate Cake Ala Mode - RM 8.90

Italian Cheese Cake - RM 9.90

Chocolate Durian - RM 9.90

We now come to the end of my dining experience at Chef & Brew. There were three things I did not like here. Firstly, they piled all the DIRTY dishes less than 10 meters away from us. Why can't they put it in the kitchen?

Dirty Plates piled up for the customers to SEE!

Also, I did not like the lighting there. Some places were very dark which made taking good pictures almost impossible. M also noticed that they used the Chili Sauce from Victoria Station (which happens to be part of their company). But can't they afford their own? This just degrades their name.

Chili Sauce from Victoria Station

Ignoring that, the service here was EXCELLENT! 90% of the staff here are foreigners but they speak good English and are VERY WELL TRAINED. There are also less people here and they do not speak loudly. Which creates a very comfortable ambiance for PLEASANT dining.

Overall, it was a great dinner. So to those who are interested, they have set lunches during weekdays (RM 16.90). Click here for the address. :)


  1. Nice place n food too....

  2. OMG...the chocolate Durian....orgasmic!!

  3. @xukee yeah. Have you been? It's worth a try

  4. @ohmywtf The durian paste was really thick and heaty. YUM!

  5. Chocolate Cake Ala Mode soooo nice,..

  6. nice nice...! I wanna go there eat... but not now... :D

  7. Everything looks so good...especially the Chocolate cake ala mode! :D

  8. Jfook and Lindy, yes it was good. Hehe :D

  9. SonnyKazu, haha. Go la. Bring jumei along. She is hungry xD

  10. Nebular, why suddenly mention Kuching?

  11. Hungry, hungrier and gonna to eat first, hahahaha

  12. @PeeWeet. Gosh, haven't u had dinner? Its 10pm!

  13. i wan to try the chocolate durian......

  14. Haha, go give it a try then :)

  15. chef n brew is a subsidized company of victoria station, since they want to save cost why not use their own main company's want lol. everything is about safe cost now! must go try it one day! ^^

  16. Hmm...seems nice...worth the try...

  17. @Baboon I still feel they should have their own. Come on, it can't be more than RM3 per bottle. Haha, people these days, really aim for LOWEST cost. xD

  18. @Jessy Hello. Thanks for visiting. Visited your blog too. Nice food! :)


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