Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Night Out!

Woke up at 10am today and used the laptop for a while. Then, I washed up and got dressed before driving over to TPM. Refueled my car at Mint Hotel and drove on to ZS's house. After picking him, we went on to Puchong.

Managed to find a parking spot but we had no coins for the parking machine. So, I went over to 7Eleven but the cashier told me I have to purchase something because she can't just open the tier. Ended up buying Clorets...

Clorets - RM 1.40

After that, we went to Kung Fu Pan Mee. Waited about 5 minutes before AC, KW and DY arrived. Ordered the Specialty Pan Mee but didn't get any drinks. After lunch, we drove back to APIIT for our class.

House Special Jiong Fei Pan Mee - RM 7.00

Went to L2-5 for our Java class. An hour later, class ended. Played with my iPod till it was time to go over to ENT3 for our last class. Then at 5.15pm, we were allowed to leave.

I drove over to Sunway and picked JW. Then, we went to Lagoon Perdana to pick A and L. Made our way to JayaOne and settled at Brussels Beer Cafe for dinner. We shared our food and drinks. Their ribs and sausage were good and juicy, burger was delicious, and so was the fries!

Brussels Beer Cafe, Jaya One

Brussel's Bacon and Pork Burger - RM 18.80

Brussel's Foot Long Sausage - RM 19.80

We also ordered 3 alcoholic drinks. The beer was good and so was the tequila. Didn't like the "Long Island Tea" though.

Leffe Blonde Draught (1 Pint, Happy Hour) - RM 26.00

Tequila Sunrise - RM 22.00

Long Island Tea - RM 22.00

Love the food in here! Unfortunately, the food here are quite pricey. The drinks are even more expensive than the food! Shall bring my parents here for lunch one day. :D

After we ordered our food, JW and I went up to collect our tickets. There wasn't any queue today. Was wondering why people didn't come early. Later, we realized that it was Free Seating. Therefore, no point collecting tickets early.

Caught In The Middle IV (thanks Nuffnang!)

We finished our dinner at about 8.15pm. Then, we went back up and waited for the doors to open. At 8.30pm, we went in and managed to get good seats. Show started at about 8.40pm. The first half was it was just okay.

Inside the theatre (200 pax?)

Then at 10.10pm, there was an intermission. 20 minutes later, the show went on. The old couple that sat beside me didn't come back. I also noticed about a quarter of the people missing. Probably because after the show started, no more people were allowed to come in. Cool!

At the beginning of the second half, there wasn't any laughter because nobody found the "Kings of Lea" segment funny. But when they acted "Who Wants To Be A Politician", I had to FORCE myself to STOP because my jaw and stomach hurt so much from laughing!

The show ended at 11.30pm and all the cast came out. We then exited the building and drove back to Sunway. Definitely would recommend my friends to come watch it! Maybe go for the other shows too. :D

Anyway, I dropped everyone off at Lagoon Perdana before driving home myself. Got back at 12.45am and quickly went to shower. Started blogging and uploading pictures after that.

It's 3am already. Goodnight people!

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