Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't Read. This Is Gonna Be Boring

At about 7.30am, M smacked my bed and asked me to wake up. Later, E woke me up again and I ignored it. Finally at 8am, dad woke me up. Realizing it is quite late, I quickly woke up and got ready. The rest of the family was already THERE.

When I was done, dad and I walked over to CKK's house. A nice, yellow Mustang (Knight Rider) was the wedding car. Waited for the ceremony to start. When it did, there wasn't much energy. After the tea ceremony, we (the kids) collected some angpau.

Later, mum, dad, E and I followed the convoy back to the grooms place. Since they were speeding, Dad and UD couldn't catch up. Had to call some people and ask for directions.

Once there, I just sat around and waited for everything to settle. At about 11am, we drove to Summit USJ and went to Dynasty Dragon for the wedding lunch. Waited till about 2pm before we could eat.

It ended at about 4.15pm and we were the last ones to leave. Took some pictures here and there. Just as we were leaving, my cousins and sisters went to look at some sport shoes. So, I just slumped on the table and tried to sleep.

It was around 5pm when they came back. They wanted to go to Snowflake but I said "No". Head was really suffering then. To top it off, I HAD TO DRIVE HOME. Sigh...

Back home, I emptied my pockets, hopped onto my bed and slept for 5 hours. JW called so I talked for a while. Then, I went downstairs to drink water and came back up to shower.

So before I go back to sleep, I turned on my laptop and wrote this post. My head is much better now. It better not be a problem tomorrow. :)

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