Friday, May 28, 2010

Wesak Day

M woke me up at 8am. Was super tired and groggy. Poured contact lense solution into my eyes to wake myself up (this is safe). Quickly changed and waited for the rest before we drove to BISDS.

Parked at St. Teresa's and walked to the temple. As we were approaching the temple, we saw a car being towed away by DBKL. Serves him right! xD. This Wesak, the Prime Minister was gonna pay a visit to BISDS. So, there was a long Red Carpet and no beggars were seen lying on the floor, asking for money.

Walked around the temple and paid our respects to the Buddha. Many of them were waiting to go into the Shrine Hall so we decided to skip that. This year, many POS came to the temple, as you know, S attract Flies. Wesak would have been better (it was still good) if they did not come. Makes life simple.

Everyone waited for the PM's arrival. He was scheduled to come at 9.30am but arrived almost half an hour later. There was a big "Hoo-hah" upon his arrival. After he went into the Asoka Hall, we made our way back to the car and drove home.

On the way, I stopped at this Bubble Tea stall and bought a Tiramisu Coffee Bubble Tea. He signed some words which made me realize, he was deaf. So, I pointed out the flavor I wanted. When I gave him RM50, he did not have change.

Tiramisu Coffee Bubble Tea - RM 4.00

Since it wasn't convenient for him to ask for change, I went around to help him ask. Even though he is deaf, at least he tried to make his life useful by working. Some of us should be ashamed! Bravo to him.

Went back home and I played eRO for a while. At about 12pm, mum brought J, E and I to Delicious. MM tagged along too. As we were about to park, one IDIOT came from behind and parked at our spot. Sigh. Luckily, we found a spot right IN FRONT of the doors! :)


Made our way to Delicious and I ordered Caesar Salad. Ordered two cupcakes (from Magnolia Bakery, New York. Currently for sale in Delicious) to try but they were an utter disappointment. Instead of frosting, they put CREAM on top of the cupcakes. So not delicious and NOT worth it!

Devils Dare with 7min Icing - RM 6.90
*It turned out to be coconut flakes. You call that icing?!*

After Eight Chocolate with Mint Frosting - RM 6.90

Caesar Salad - RM 21.90

After MM and I finished our food, J and E's spaghetti still wasn't served. Upon checking, they told us they did not take their order. WTF! BAD SERVICE! MM wrote in a complaint. Don't think it'll help though. MM said she wrote in MANY complaints. Still no improvement. Meh...

Anyway, came home and used the laptop till about 4.30pm. Then, I went to take a nap. Woke up at about 7.30pm and got ready for dinner. We then went to PizzaHut and ordered their "Veggie Lover" pizza for dinner.

Veggie Lover (large) - RM 29.80

We weren't full after that. So, we made our way to Chocolate, Bangsar Village. All of us shared the "Chocolate Affair" (fondue). I had the "Ms Coco Frappe" as usual. Mum ordered a "Mushroom Omelet" which didn't taste that good.

Chocolate Affair - RM 25.90

Ms Coco Frappe - RM 12.90

Mushroom Omelet - RM 9.90
*When I referred to the receipt, I just realized, they didn't charge us for this!*

After all this food, mum still wanted a cake. So, we ordered the Mille Crepe. I wanted the first bite so I held my fork sideways and pushed it down. For some reason, the top layer of the crepe was HARDENED (not suppose to happen) and that made my action transform this cake...

Mille Crepe - RM 9.90

Into this...

Smashed Mille Crepe! xD

We still finished the cake anyway. And when we asked for the bill, Mum realized that the Mille Crepe wasn't included in the receipt. She then told the cashier. And just as I was typing this post, I realized, they did not charge us for the Omelet! xD

Receipt - RM 65.55

Anyway, we paid the bill and drove back home. Watched an episode of DH before I took my shower. After that, I started writing this post till now. It's 11.25pm already and I shall end it here.

Happy Wesak to everyone. May you be well and HAPPY. :D


  1. mille crepe, my favourite!
    yum yum~ ♥

  2. Haha, After it smashed until like this. You still wanna eat?


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