Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sigh of Relief

AC called me at 7.30am and I woke up to settle some stuff. Then, I rested a while more before getting out of bed. Had cereal for breakfast then went to take my shower. Later, I made my way to college.

My friends and I then waited for our turn to show the lecturer our Partial Documentation. He told us what we had to change and allowed us to move on with the next stage of the assignment.

All of us then went to Secret Recipe for lunch. They had a lunch promotion. One meal for RM10 and pay another RM2 for a drink. I just ordered a Beef Spaghetti though. Later, we ordered some cakes.

Grilled Black Pepper Chicken - RM 10.00

Mushroom Chicken - RM 10.00

Beef Spaghetti - RM 10.00

Add-on Ice Lemon Tea or Soft Drink - RM 2.00

Hazel Cheese - RM 6.80

Oreo Cheese - RM 6.50

Paid the bill and drove back to APIIT for our next class. The lecturer went on with his Java class as usual. Later, AC and I went to PitStop to get a waffle to share. When we tried to take a picture, AC got so fed up, he TORE the bag apart! Tsk tsk...

Chocolate Waffle - RM 2.50

Paper bag (after AC tore it)

When it was time, all of us walked over to ENT3 for our last class of the day. The tutorial session went on for 90 minutes before we were allowed to go off. Drove back home and was happy the traffic was smooth.

Got back home at about 6.30pm and used the laptop for a while. Then, I drove down to 112 for dinner. Played with JT while AM cooked. When SC came home, we had dinner together. After that, I used my laptop till about 9.30pm.

Spaghetti by AM

Then, SC and I went to my house and tested out his "Popcorn Hour" on my TV. The videos were SUPER clear! Came back to 112 at about 11pm. Then, copied some HD movies from SC's hard disk to my PC.

It's 11.40pm now and I shall end this post here and go home. Bye...


  1. i didnt dine at secret recipe for a long time already.. only tapao their cakes la =P

  2. The food there actually not that great. Just so-so...

  3. hoiy!!!! the picture u took was extremely ugly la.. look at my picture

  4. Your picture filtered off the ripped paper bag. Mine shows the true thing!


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