Wednesday, May 26, 2010

50% off at Cone Pizza & Coffee Tasting at Starbucks

Woke up at 10am today and had cereal. Showered and got dressed as usual. This time, I drove to ENT3 and picked AL up. Then, we drove on to Puchong and picked ZS from his house. After that, we made our way to Cone Pizza, Puchong IOI Boulevard.

They were celebrating their first anniversary so till the end of this month, all ala carte items would be 50% off! Since the prices were reasonable (for once), I decided to order 2 pizzas to fill up my stomach.

The pizzas I ordered, Chicken Aioli and Creamy Chicken Delight were both good. My favourite was the Creamy Chicken Delight because there were many mushrooms inside and I could taste a LOT of cheese inside! :)

Chicken Aioli & Creamy Chicken Delight - RM 11.90 (each, before 50% discount)

Unfortunately, the drink I ordered, Blue Ocean Soda (An Italian Soda) turned out bad. Though it looked really cool, that drink tasted like MEDICINE! :S Even AC agreed with me. Next time I go there, I'll just order the Cappuccino...

Blue Ocean Soda - RM 6.50 (before discount)

At 1.30pm, we paid the bill and drove back to APIIT. Went for Java Tutorial class. An hour later, class ended. I then went down to the Admin to get some stuff done. After that, we went over to ENT3 for the ISWE Tutorial.

About 90 minutes later, class ended and we went home. Got home by 6pm and played eRO till about 7pm. Was wondering why the game didn't lag. So after I stopped, I ran the speedtest and was happy to see "0.81" appeared on the screen! :D

Efficient Customer Service! (so far :P)

Asked mum if the technician came to our house. She then told me that he did not but the technician DID some configurations at his end. Since they fixed the slow line in less than 24 hours, I'll give them a Thumbs Up!

Took my shower and had dinner by 7.45pm. Then, Mum asked if I still wanted to go to Starbucks. They were having a Coffee Tasting Session at 7.30pm. Since I was a little curious of what that was, I decided to go with mum. Better late than never, right?

To those who missed it, you can still go!
*Click image to see which outlets have sessions tomorrow*

When we arrived, we saw a group of people (around 10) sipping coffee. Mum and I then joined them. Everyone was already sitting around the facilitator (Ang Poi Lim, District Coffee Master) as we came in.

Mum and I came half an hour later. Therefore, we were not able to try the first coffee (Sumatra). As we settled down, they served everyone a cup of "Sumatra: Siborong-borong".

Sumatra coffee beans. We missed this...

Sumatra: Siborong-borong

So the first step was to cover 3/4 of the cup and smell the aroma produced by the coffee. This one had a strong aroma. Then, we took a few sips of it. Was quite bitter. Third step was to have some food (in this case, cake) to go with our coffee.

Great combination!! (forgot the name of the cake)

After that, everyone drank some water. Then, Mr Ang asked us for our comments. Several people gave their comments. When they were done, the staff served us the last variety of Sumatran coffee, "Sumatra: Lake Toba".

Cups of water...

Sumatra: Lake Toba

This one had a very light aroma. But when my tongue finally came in contact with it, I realized, aromas can be deceiving too! It was BITTER! Almost twice as bitter as the previous one. They served us another small piece of cake which balanced out the bitterness.

Lake Toba & Chocolate Creme Brule. PERFECT Combo!

Again, we were asked to give our opinions. After that, we had a Q&A session. The crowd asked him questions. One guy asked him "Is coffee good or bad?" and he answered it in a very politically safe manner.

He answered something like this, "It depends on each individual. You can consult your doctor on the effect of coffee to your body". And when we tried to press him to give us one benefit, he said "It brings people together. If not for coffee, we would not have met". I must say, they trained him well! xD

Before the session ended, each of us were given a goodie bag. Inside was a bag of "Sumatra: Lake Toba" coffee beans and a "Cold Coffee Cup" ornament. And for today only, there is a 20% discount off the 3 featured coffee beans.

Goodie Bag

Little bag of "Lake Toba" beans.

Miniature Cold Drink Cup (slightly shorter than my thumb)

After everyone left, mum talked to Mr Ang for a while. He told us how the "Coffee Journey" works and revealed that he was the Runner-up for the title "Coffee Ambassador 2009". Friendly and passionate person indeed!

Mr Ang's name card

At 9pm, mum and I left the place. Drove over to Lucky Garden and picked J from tuition. Got back home at 9.15pm. DGG and family were there and so was SS. Stayed downstairs to watch TV with them till they went home.

Later, I came upstairs and started blogging. It's 11.33pm now and I finally came to the end of this post. I'll be watching Prince of Persia tomorrow so my post would definitely be late. Anyway, remember to nang me okay! Goodnight.


  1. make me hungry lol....following your blog too.

  2. wow Chicken Aioli & Creamy Chicken Delight looks special n delicious !!!
    well , see if we will bump to each others 2molo as im going to the screening too :D

  3. Hey xukee. Thanks for following. I followed you too.

  4. Hello Jack. If you are interested, should go before the promo ends (only for this month). If not, it's kinda pricey.


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