Friday, May 7, 2010

Enjoying Life

Was sleeping soundly when Mum woke me up at 9.30am. She just got home with M from her report card day. I quickly washed up and the three of us went to d'lish at BV for breakfast. This time, we ordered 2 Big Brekkies and shared among us.

New Menu on the Wall

Big Brekkie - RM 19.80 (per set)

Double Chocolate Cookie - RM 4.50

M and I shared a Double Chocolate Cookie just to try it out. To our surprise, it was soft! The texture was more like a cake. Even so, it was still quite nice. :)

When we were done, mum paid and we drove on to BSC. Dropped M there as she was meeting some friends there. After that, mum dropped me home before she went for her appointment in town.

I stayed home and spent the whole afternoon Youtubing original videos of the songs used in Glee. It was kinda interesting. I also did download some oldies after gaining interest in some of them.

At about 3pm, mum came home and she asked me if I wanted to go for tea with M and her friends. Since mum didn't want to drive, I did. We went to BSC and picked the others up before going to BV.

This time, we went to Espressemente. There was a tea time promotion, any cake with any coffee for RM16. So we ordered 3 sets and another 3 extra drinks. The food and coffee was okay. While eating, we saw a professional photographer taking pictures for the upcoming menu.

Mugaccino (large version of Cappucino)


Red Velvet Cake

Anyway, we went back at about 4.35pm. Dropped M and her friends at SN's house before Mum and I went home. Then, I laid on my bed but had some trouble falling asleep. I guess the coffee was too strong.

At about 7pm, I started using the laptop again till about 8pm. Went downstairs for dinner and watched TV for another hour. Then, I came up to take my shower before finally writing this post.


  1. wah.. 800.. i havent reach 150 also! lol =P

  2. That's because u don't blog daily mah. :D


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