Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food Review :)

Woke up at 11am and took a shower. ZS called and told me there is a food review tonight! So, I took an formal shirt and left it in my car. Then, I drove of to Sunway to pick JW.

After parking, we went over to Celebrity Fitness to settle something. Then, we went to McD for lunch. The place was really noisy but we still ate our food. After lunch we walked around for a while.

Our lunch - RM 17.00

Then, we went to Gloria Jean's for coffee. Shared a large Creme Brulee Iced Espresso while sitting there till 3.05pm. Made our way to the cinema and watched "Edge Of Darkness".

Creme Brulee Iced Espresso - RM 10.30 (student discount)

It was actually quite an interesting show with a mysterious storyline. The movie is actually about government cover-ups and how this cop uncovers the truth of what his daughter was involved in before her tragic death.

Movie ended at 4.30pm and I dropped her off. Drove on to Sri Petaling and waited for AC and ZS. When they arrived, AC led the way to Impiana KLCC. There was a massive jam in town so we were half an hour late...

Once there, I quickly changed into my formal shirt since the dress code was semi-formal. Went into Tonka Bean and was greeted by Miss Sharifah. She gave us some information before we started taking pictures.

After our picture session, we started taking food and feasting. To be honest, the food for the Mediterranean Buffet today is similar to what we had in the Southern BBQ Buffet. Food was okay though...

Assorted Main Dishes


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**Click here (later) to check out our official review on**

By the time we left, it was already 10pm. I drove around town finding a familiar road. Finally made it home at about 10.40pm. Took a shower and started renaming the pictures till about 1am.

Then, I uploaded some of them to my blog. Once it was done, I decided to save it and go to bed...

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