Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Long Day

Woke up at 7am today and had some banana cakes for breakfast. Left home at 8am and got to class just in time. Then, we waited for the lecturer to come in before asking him some questions. He didn't help much though.

After class, we went to PitStop and I had their Nasi Lemak. It wasn't that worth it but at least it filled my stomach. Then, we made our way to the NML class and sat there for another 2 hours.

Nasi Lemak @ PitStop - RM 2.00
AC and I went to consult Mr Jason for some help on our assignment. Half an hour later, we thanked him and went off although we didn't get the problem solved. Anyway, KW, AC and I went downstairs for lunch.

There wasn't much choice so I just ordered Chicken Rice. When I was at the counter, the lady walked away to do her own thing. Had to say "excuse me" and "hello!" for about ten times before she bothered to come here.

And when she gave me back the change, she just slapped it onto the counter! And when a foreigner stepped next to me, she quickly greeted him with her "sweet " voice! FU!

Chicken Rice @ Cafeteria - RM 3.50

So I took my pathetic plate of chicken rice and went to sit with my friends. I then complained to them about that b*tch and how torturous it was for my stomach to store this horrible pile of food named "Chicken Rice"...

Anyway, we went to class after lunch and sat there for another two hours. After class, we went to look for Mr Jason again. Then at 4.30pm, KW and I went downstairs to get ready for our presentation.

Our presentation ended at about 5.30pm. I guess I did quite well. We then waited for AC and DY to finish presenting. After that, we went to the fourth floor to consult Mr Jason again.

At 7pm, we finally left the place but there still wasn't a solution to our problem. Dropped AC and DY at the carpark before dropping KW at the LRT Station. Traffic was heavy on the way home. By the time I got home, it was almost 8pm.

Once back, mum told me about the "celebration" tonight. It consists of the most random people which I find kinda weird. She asked me to be the "driver" and I agreed to do it since she is gonna pay me RM50 for it =P

Went to the kitchen and finished everything on the table. After that, I came up and wrote this post. Took a shower at 9pm and left the house at 9.20pm.

Dropped MM, Mum, J and E at Chocolate. Then, I drove on to Jalan Bangsar to pick up the other 8 girls (M and her friends). Drove to BV and we went to BV. That was when JL's mum pointed out that I was the only guy among the fourteen ladies. =.=

Anyway, we were divided into two tables. Oldies, and Teenage Girls. I sat with mum so I became an "oldie" for the night. Had a cup of "Princess of Iceland" which wasn't that great and we shared a chocolate fondue.

Princess of Iceland - RM 10.90

Chocolate Affair - RM 25.90

At about 10.30pm, the staff politely asked us to leave the place. So we went outside and waited for the rest of M's friends to go home. Then, everyone else hopped into my car and I dropped them home.

By the time we got back home, it was already 11.30pm. Continued writing this post till now (11.51pm). And today is my "free" day because AC declared "break night". Haha, so for tonight, I get to use my time for something else. =)

Anyway, I'll end this post here. Goodnight!

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