Sunday, March 21, 2010


Woke up at 10am today and had some bread for breakfast. Then, I came upstairs to use the laptop. Surfed the net for a while before studying VB. At about 12pm, mum brought us out for lunch at Gardens.

Mum dragged us into Purple Cane where she ordered a few dishes. We just waited for the food to come and ate it when it was served. Overall, the food wasn't that great. For dessert, we I had two glutinous balls which were quite good.

Green Tea Rice - RM 1.00

Egg with Anchovies - RM 8.00

Sweet and Sour Abalone Mushroom - RM 18.00

Salad Prawn - RM 18.00

Veg 4 in 1 - RM 15.00

Rose Lotus Seed - RM 3.50

Glutinous Rice - RM 4.50

After lunch, we drove back home. Then, I studied for about an hour or more before going downstairs. At about 5pm, M and I watched Tiger WooHoo till 6.30pm. By the time everyone showered, it was 7pm.

Dad then brought us to Tropicana City Mall. He brought us to Shih Lin and I ordered the XXL Crispy Chicken. I asked them to make it spicy which was a big mistake. Towards the end of my dinner, I was sweating! ==

Oyster Mee Sua - RM 6.00

XXL Chicken (spicy) - RM 6.00

Ricebox Set (choice of Soya Milk or Water) - RM 10.00

Chicken Floss Crepe - RM 5.50

Sweet Potato Fries - RM 4.50

Tasted the Chicken Floss Crepe and the Sweet Potato Fries. Both of them weren't really that impressive. When we were done, Mum and J went to the next shop for Herbal Jelly. After that, all of us went back home.

I started blogging till now (10.40pm). I'm gonna end this post here and go study a little bit more. Night...

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