Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Day to Relax

Woke up at 12.30pm today and used the laptop for a while. Then at about 1.30pm, I had leftover Nasi Briyani for lunch. Later, I came up to work on my assignment till 3pm.

After that, I watched an episode of Cupid Stupid before going over to 97 for leftover cakes. Then, we stayed there watching "Rachel's Getting Married". The show ended at 6pm so we went back home after that. Pointless show though....

Back home, I watched Cupid Stupid while waiting for my turn to use the bathroom. After everyone was done, we drove to Tropicana City Mall for dinner. By the time we got there, it was already 8pm.

I suggested we had dinner at Ninja Joe so we did go there. We ordered 6 "Ninjas", added on some drinks and fries, and bought 5pcs of Shurikens. There were six flavours (original, spicy, oriental, teriyaki, sweet and sour, black pepper) so we ordered one each.

Six Ninjas - RM 23.90

Spicy Ninja!!

Addon (Fries + Greentea/Lemonade) - RM 3.50

Shurikens 5pcs (Potato + Pork) - RM 4.90

Mango Ice Cream - RM 3.90

Actually, I tried about 3 burgers and all of them tasted similar. The "flavours" didn't really make much difference because they were all just slight tinges. One the bright side, the burger patties are made of PORK!

None of us were full after dinner so I went to buy their mango ice cream. It wasn't really that great and kinda pricey too. When we were done, dad and GM went to Carrefour. Mum went to Borders while the kids walked around.

J bought corn-in-cup while M and I went to each-a-cup. I got myself an ice milk tea with pearls while M bought a cup of Hot Chocolate Snowshake. The cashier was quite friendly and she even gave us a "discount". Lol, but M chose to pay in "full".

Straws @ Each a Cup

Ice Milk Tea with Pearls - RM 3.40

Hot Chocolate Snowshake - RM 4.90

After that, we went into Carrefour and bought some groceries. Managed to get dad to buy me two items. A set of fishes and a dvd player. We continued shopping till about 9.30pm. By the time we paid and went home, it was already 10pm.

Three fishies...

I found Nemo!!

Back home, I tested the DVD player. For some reason, it can't work with my 8GB thumbdrive but it works with dad's 2GB. Anyway, I came upstairs and started typing this post while uploading pictures.

It's already 12.41am and I shall end this post here. Goodnight...

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