Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stuck at Home

M woke me up today and asked if she could borrow my calculator. Half awake, I answered "yes" and went back to sleep. Moments later, mum asked me why didn't I follow dad to Cheng Meng. I said "Oh", and went back to sleep.

Woke up at 10.20am and finally realized I DIDN'T GO Cheng Meng... The only thing I felt bad was because I told C to come along as I would be going. And the year she came, I DIDN'T GO. Sigh...

Minutes later, C, Dad, and SS came back. I asked dad why didn't he wake me up and he told me he DID. According to him, I TOLD him that I didn't want to go... But I don't have any memory of that happening in my brain!!

Not long after that, Mum came home and asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital with her. I quickly changed and hopped into her car. Then, we picked WM up and drove on to Gleneagles to visit KK.

Stayed there for about an hour before mum drove us back home. Came upstairs and fell asleep on my bed. Woke up at 2.40pm and went downstairs for lunch. There were some vegetarian dishes so I ate those.

Later, I came up and completed my previous blog post. Then, I started watching Nacho Libre. Stopped half way as I received a call. When the call ended, I continued watching the movie till it ended at 7.50pm.

M ordered two vegetarian pizzas and they arrived at about 8.15pm. I had two pieces of it before coming back upstairs to use the laptop. Took a shower at 9pm and came out to write this post.

Two Regular Pizzas - RM 30

Then at 9.45pm, mum, dad and I went to Kapitan for supper. I ordered Teh Tarik and we shared some papadum, roti planta, and roti tissue. Drinks were okay but unfortunately, the food SUCKED! :(

Teh Tarik - RM 1.50

Roti Planta - RM 2.00

Papadum - RM 1.00

Roti Tissue - RM 4.00

Came home just in time to watch Desperate Housewives on 8TV. After it ended, I came up to finish writing this post. It's 11.50pm now and I'm gonna end this post here. Night...

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