Thursday, March 18, 2010


Woke up at 8.30am and had breakfast. Later, I came upstairs to lie on my bed for a little while. Then at 9.30am, I showered and drove to college.

When I arrived, the parking behind APIIT was full so I had to park in front. As I was reverse-parking, the guard stopped me and asked me to park "head-first".

After I got down my car, he told me that Mr Anthony gave him those orders. That was because the windscreen of some cars reflects sunlight to the main building. =.=. The next thing he asked me was why I was late. That surprised me because I never expected him to recognize me. xD

Anyway, I went to class and waited for my friends to come. Sat in the class for two hours before it ended. Then, we sat in class to finish up our assignment. About half an hour later, we went down and comb-binded our assignments. Then, we went down to the admin and submitted it. =)

Later, we drove to McD and had lunch there. I ordered a McChicken Set and a Chocolate Sundae. After lunch, I dropped ZS at APIIT before driving to DY's house. Out of a sudden, DY asked me to stay over. So I agreed.

McChicken - RM 6.25

Left my stuff there and drove back home to get some stuff. After that, I went to MidValley to meet up with JW. Watched "The Lovely Bones" but that turned out to be a boring movie. There were some nice digital scenery though...

After the movie, we walked around and decided to eat at Spaghetti Farm. I had a Carbonara while JW had a Meatballs Spaghetti. Paid another RM 3.20 for a bowl of soup and soft drink.

Carbonara - RM 9.80

Meatballs Spaghetti - RM 11.80

Addon (Soup + Soft Drink) - RM 3.20

We weren't satisfied with dinner. So, we walked over to Austin Chase for their Tiramisu. Stayed there for about 45 minutes before sending her back home. After that, I drove to DY's house to meet the others. kissed her. my first kiss was terrible. depressing =(

Tiramisu - RM 12.90

They only started cooking when arrived. According to them, they thought that I wanted to eat dinner too so they waited for me. Gosh, I felt damn bad...

Anyway, I used my laptop while they ate their dinner. Then at about 11.40pm, we drove to MidValley to watch "Another Pandora's Box". The show was really FUNNY! At about 1.15pm, the movie ended.

While waiting for AL and MY to come out, we saw Miss Jasrinder with her family! She looked really different compared to when in APIIT. When AL came out, we drove back to DY's house.

It's already 2.45am now. Gonna end this post and go to bed. Goodnight.

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