Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still No Progress...

Woke up at 7am today and had a sausage bun for breakfast. Showered, got dressed, then drove off to APIIT. And just because of a car crash, I got stuck in a 20-minute jam just to get into the Sungai Besi Highway.

By the time I reached APIIT, it was already 8.45am. I quickly went to the lab and the lecturer wasn't here yet. After about 20 minutes, he came in to tell us the syllabus was covered so he won't be teaching us anything...

So we stayed in the lab for two hours doing our own stuff. Then after that, we went to PitStop where KW and AC ordered a waffle each. Later, we went down to our NML class and the lecturer gave us our test papers.
45marks. lowest in my life.
I was disappointed with my marks but knew there wasn't much I could do already. Now all I can do is to avoid those stupid careless mistakes! Then at 12.30pm, we drove out for lunch.

We went to McD and all three of us ordered McChicken Set and paid extra RM1.50 for ice cream sundae. When we were done, I drove back to APIIT and we went for our next NML class.

Our lunch!

To our surprise, AL came for the last class. Sat together and listened to the lecturer for another 2 hours. Then finally at 3.45pm, I dropped AC and AL off at the carpark and sent KW to the LRT station.

By the time I got home, it was almost 5pm. I took a shower and locked myself in my air-cond room for about 90 minutes. Later, I helped dad solve something before picking up the girls from a friend's house.

When I got back, I used the computer for a while before going downstairs for dinner. Later, I came back upstairs to work on my assignment. Then at about 10.30pm, mum brought me out to Syed for supper.

There, I ordered Teh Limau Ais, Roti Planta, and we shared 10 sticks of Chicken Satay. The waiter had some "hearing problem" and he gave me Limau Ais. Guess I'm just not supposed to drink tea at this time xD.

Limau Ais - RM 1.80

Roti Planta - RM 2.00

Chicken Satay (10 sticks) - RM 6.00

The roti planta wasn't that great but the satay was much better. After staying there for about half an hour, we drove back home.

When I got back, I started uploading pictures and typing this post. It's already 12.10am now and I shall end this post here. Goodnight.

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