Friday, March 26, 2010

Its OVER!!

Woke up at 7.30am today and looked at my notes for about an hour. Then, I went downstairs for breakfast before coming back up to shower. Drove to HOL and met the rest of them there. At 10.10am, we went to the exam hall.

The paper was easier than expected. I even had the time to finish all questions when they I could have skipped two questions. KW and I were the only ones from our group who sat there for two hours.

After going out, KW, ZS and I drove to Sunway Pyramid. Regrouped with AL, AC and MY. After walking around, we decided to have lunch at Wong Kok. There, I ordered a set which came with rice, soup, fruits, and milk tea.

Hawaiian Chicken with Rice Set - RM 9.90

We stayed there for a while before walking around. Wanted to go bowling but all lanes were booked till 11.30pm!! So, we continued walking around the mall. About half an hour later, we went for dessert.

AC suggested Snow Monster so we went there and ordered two. It was okay but it got too sour towards the end. We had a nice time chatting till about 3pm. Said goodbye and I drove myself home.

Strawberry Snow Monster - RM 10.00

Snow Monster Combo - RM 11.00

Back home, I used the laptop for a while to chat. AM asked me to join her for dinner so I agreed. Got ready by 5pm and drove down at 5.30pm. Then, I sent her to pick JT up from his babysitter.

Brought them back to 112 and we waited for the pizza to arrive. At about 6.30pm, the pizza came and AM paid. Waited for JT to finish his milk before we went to the kitchen for dinner. After that, I just hang around there chatting with them.

Two Regular Pizzas from Dominos - RM 30.00

At about 9.30pm, I took out my laptop and started using the Internet. SC showed me some media players which was quite interesting.

Wrote this post till 10.20pm and AP gave me a can of Anglia. xD. LaLaalala... Going crazy jor. Haha, better end this post here before I start typing nonsense. Bye!!


  1. sighs.. making me hungry lor.. glorious food! =D

  2. Yeah, my blog is full of food. Haha... Anyway, thanks for visiting. :D


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