Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday AC

Woke up at 12.10pm today and went downstairs for some breakfast. Ate two Krispy Kreme donuts and called my parents to see where everyone were. Came upstairs to use the laptop till it was lunch time.

Dad bought Nasi Briyani so all of us had that for lunch. After lunch, we quickly changed before mum and dad accompanied me to the Australian Education Exhibition at Seri Pacific Hotel.

This exhibition was actually managed by IDP. That's a company that helps students apply for universities in Australia if you didn't know. There were quite a number of universities that came to recruit students but everything weren't that well planned. "Understaffed" is the word.

We talked to Mike at QUT and another lady from Deakin. After that, I gave them my details and applied for Deakin. The reason I did that was because application is free. So I'll wait for my offer letters before deciding if I want to join the university.

So at about 4pm, we drove back home. Then, I started watching a few episodes of Cupid Stupid. At about 6pm, I went downstairs for some snacks and came up to shower.

After that, all of us went over to 97 and we had dinner at home to celebrate AC's Birthday. Food was good especially the potato salad. Didn't like the duck and meehoon though. Spaghetti was nice as usual.

The buffet table

Tomato Spaghetti

Garden Salad + Potato Salad

When we were done, we started playing Tekken5 on the PS2. About 45 minutes later, we decided to stop. That's when I realized my thumb was internally injured. =.=

Anyway, we took the cake out and sang the birthday song at about 9pm. MM bought the cake from San Terri but forgot what it was called. It had a weird taste which I couldn't identify. Sigh, lousy tastebuds...

AC's Birthday Cake

After we were done eating, we watched Forest Gump till about 11pm. Then, we made our way back home.

Went to my room and turned on my laptop. E came into my room and threw her clothes at me (I teased her) and her shirt landed on my hand. And just for fun, I threw it up into the air.

I looked at the shirt fly up to the ceiling. And in a split second, it came into contact with one of the blades of my ceiling fan. The blade then whacked the shirt towards my window. And then the shirt got stuck on the window!

Shirt: "Hello Mr. Fan. OUCH!! Oh, hello Miss Curtain"

Miss Curtain: "Hi Shirt, what are you doing?"
Shirt: "Hanging out"

I was really amazed of such a coincidence! E went to tell mum and dad about it while I was LAUGHING away. Took her shirt down and gave it back to her. Before she left my room, she said "Goodnight. Thanks for the excitement". xD

Continued writing this post while chatting till now. It's already 1.30am and I shall go to bed soon. Night...

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