Saturday, March 20, 2010

Studying on a Saturday

Woke up at 10am today and stayed on bed till about 11am. Took a shower and went downstairs to get some food to eat. Revised VBN for about two hours until mum came home and brought us out.

We went to Mizu at BV for lunch. This time, I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Set. After lunch, we went downstairs to this new juice shop to try it out. "Boost" sells smoothies and juices at a premium price. Service was quite good though.

Chicken Teriyaki Set - RM 23.00

Boost @ BV

Watermelon Crush (Original aka Large Size) - RM 12.50

After that, we went back home and I took a nap. Woke up at about 5.30pm and started studying again. Stopped at 6.30pm and went to shower. Then at 7pm, we drove out for dinner.

Dad brought us to Damansara Perdana to try a new restaurant. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bar. So, we had dinner in Hailam Kopitiam instead. The food here wasn't that impressive but it still made us full.

Special Kopi O - RM 2.60

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.10

Special Butter Bun - RM 2.50

Hailam Fish Fillet with Original Sauce - RM 12.00

Throughout the dinner, MM was telling us about her office politics. It is actually quite interesting. Perhaps I shall be an employee for a few years in my life to experience that =P.

Back home, I used the laptop to waste time till it was 11.10pm. Started studying for another 40 minutes before calling it a day.

Anyway, it's already 12am and I'm going to end this post here. Goodnight. =)

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