Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silly Saturday

Woke up at 11.30am today and started using the laptop. Didn't have breakfast because lunch was about an hour away. So then at 1pm, dad drove us out to SS2 where we had lunch at Buonosera.

The place wasn't that nicely decorated but the price was even more expensive than the shops in Gardens! The only reason that was made possible is because the chef is from Italy and they claim to be an "authentic Italian restaurant".

Three Mushroom Soup - RM 9.90

Roma Tomato Salad - RM 29.90

Linguine Carbonara - RM 28.90

Campagnola (Bacon, Olives, Tomato) - RM 30.90

Spaghetti Meatballs - RM 27.90

We ordered a few dishes to share. Soup and spaghetti was just alright. Pizza was good. There was this super expensive tomato salad which didn't taste that special. According to the menu, the balsamic sauce or something is 25 years old. =.=

Anyway, we were very stuffed after lunch. Dad paid the super expensive bill. RM144.65 for six dishes...

We walked passed Yippee Cup and M saw the menu. Then, she asked me to share a cup of Bubble Tea with her. So we went inside and ordered Peppermint Milk Tea.

Peppermint Milk Tea (tasted like toothpaste) - RM 7.00

Went home and fell asleep on my bed. Woke up at about 4pm and started working on my assignment. Then at about 6.30pm, I took a shower and went downstairs. All of us then waited for mum to come home before going out for dinner.

Tonight, MM tagged along. Dad said he wanted to bring us to this new place with Sarawak Noodles. And when he parked, my face went =.= !! He brought us to FaceToFace. You call this new? Come to think of it, today I've been eating what I ate on Tuesday (pan mee) and Friday (pizza)...

I ordered their Black Pepper Pan Mee and a cup of Iced Nescafe. The drink was okay but the black pepper gave me a very unhappy dinner. The spice was irritating my mouth which prevented me from tasting and enjoying the noodles. =(

Black Pepper Pan Mee - RM 5.80

Iced Nescafe - RM 2.80

Dad paid for dinner and we went back home. I then plugged my USB into the DVD player and the three oldies (Dad, Mum and MM) watched three episodes of Glee. Since I had "nothing" to do, I decided to sit there and watch too. ^^

Came up to blog for a short while before going back downstairs. At 11.30pm, I came back up and used the laptop for a while more.

I'm going to end this post now. Goodnight =)

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