Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two More!

Woke up at 9am today and had some twiggies for breakfast. Then, I showered and drove to the exam hall. Met the others there and started checking some notes. Finally at 11am, we went inside.

The exam was pretty easy because we were prepared. There was only one part where I didn't study for. Anyway, I managed to do all questions in section B although they only ask for two. So I'll just let the lecturer choose the two with highest marks.

When the invigilator announced that the exam ended, I still squeezed a few words into the paper. Handed it in and walked out of the exam hall. There, we talked for a while before I drove home. Everyone else had their own plans. =|

Anyway, I refueled my car before going home. Back home, I used my laptop till it was about 2.45pm. Had lunch and watched Glee after that. Then at 4pm, mum brought me out for a drink.

We went to Bisou where each of us had a cupcake. I ordered Choco Dementia which was supposed to be their "Ultimate chocolate lover's cupcake". Unfortunately, I didn't really like it as it was tasteless and too dry.

Choco Dementia - RM 5.00

Mocha - RM 5.00

After that, we weren't really satisfied. So, we walked over to Starbucks and ordered a Espresso Frap and a Dark Mocha Frap. Sat there for about an hour using my iPod while mum read her stuff. Oh, and we saw AC there too.

Our drinks - RM 25.00 (Tumbler discount RM4 0ff)

Chicken Pie - RM 6.20 (HSBC 10% off)

At about 5.30pm, we left the place and came home. I laid on bed talking till dinner time. Then, I went downstairs to have dinner while watching Glee. Since J wanted to watch, I made her wash my dishes. xD

Came upstairs to write this post before doing a little revision. Then at 10.30pm, I went down to watch season 6 of Desperate Housewives. Ate some ice cream while watching. Perfect combination!!

Anyway, it's already 12am. Goodnight people!

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