Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Blues

Woke up at 9am today and used the laptop for about an hour. Then at 10am, mum brought J and I out to d'lish for breakfast. I ordered the Big Brekkie while J had the Waffles.

Big Brekkie - RM 19.80

Waffles - RM 12.80

I couldn't finish the big plate of food by myself so J and mum took some stuff from my plate. Even though I only ate about half of the plate, it made me so stuffed and bloated.

After that, we went back home and I continued using the laptop. At about 1.30pm, I went downstairs for lunch. Came back up and watched the last few episodes of Cupid Stupid.

Then at about 4.30pm, mum and M came back from somewhere but it was raining heavily. To avoid getting wet, they asked me to go out and have tea with them. So I hopped into the car and got my legs all wet. =="

Anyway, we went to BV and decided to eat at Espressament. We ordered two Coffee+Cake sets so we got ourselves a slice of Apple Crumble and Tiramisu. Mum had the Cappuccino while I had Caffe Fanadate (can't remember the exact name).

Apple Crumble + Cappuccino - RM 16++

Tiramisu + Caffe Fanadate - RM 16++

The cakes were good and so were the coffee. Even so, I find it overpriced. One funny thing about this place is that they give out their WiFi password in a super small piece of paper. And their password really made me speechless...

Password: "espresso"

While eating, M went to get something from Cinnabon and we ate it in the restaurant. Later, mum paid the bill and we went back home.

Chocobon - RM 3.60

Back home, we planned to watch a movie in MV but changed our minds after realizing that the ticket prices are more expensive after 6pm. So, we stayed home and watched two episodes of Glee instead.

After that, our house had a sudden blackout. We then found out that the heater caused the blackout. So, from now on, nobody is allowed to shower with the heater. Well, I don't have much to lose because I can live without that. It's time to be "cool". xD

Went downstairs for dinner at 8pm. After dinner, I came back up and used the laptop for a short while. Then, I went to shower and continued using my laptop after that.

At about 9.30pm, SS and family came over and we celebrated GM's birthday. They brought a chocolate cake from Cake Sense. Sang GM the birthday song, took some pictures, and cut the cake.

GM's Birthday Cake

After that, we drank, talked, and ate till about 10pm. Then, we came upstairs to watch some videos before SS and family left at about 10.30pm.

I went back to my room and started writing this post while chatting and also researching on some stuff.

It's already 11.40pm and I shall end this post here. Goodnight. =)

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