Thursday, April 1, 2010


Woke up at about 10.30am today and used the laptop till about 12pm. Then, I sent GM to her friends house. Since I had time, I drove to BV and went to get a haircut.

I could have chose the new lady hairdresser but I decided to give the old man another chance. After that experience, I am NEVER going to him again. I think the only reason why it survives is because of the convenience...

Anyway, today was my pickiest haircut of my life! That's because for ONCE in my life, I could SEE myself in the mirror. The power of contacts!! The cut wasn't that great but its okay, I have a handsome face to cover for that :P

Paid the parking and drove back to Limau Manis. Waited for GM to come out before driving home. Back home, I stayed in my room till lunch time. Had lunch downstairs and went back to my room to use the laptop and chat till 7.15pm.

Had dinner at about 8pm and took a shower after that. Then, I chatted again till 10pm. Went downstairs for an ice cream break before coming back upstairs.

Chocolate Obsession - La Cremeria

It's already 12.20am now. I shall go end this post here. Night...


  1. You have got to be like 12, who stays in there room all night!

  2. Haha. Once in a while, it's nice to be young again :D


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