Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday ZS

Woke up at 7am again today and had some biscuits. As usual, I showered, got dressed, and went to college. Waited for the rest of them to arrived before driving them to APIIT.

After that, we went to a discussion room and started working on our assignment. At about 10.30am, we started a group chat which put smiles on our faces after a very moody morning.

Then at about 12.30pm, we drove to Sri Petaling and dropped AL and DY off. Then, AC, KW, ZS and I drove to Puchong. We stopped at Cake Sense to buy a birthday cake for ZS.

Later, we drove on to Little Italy for lunch. Once we arrived, the annoying lady came to greet us. As always, she started making unnecessary comments and we begun gossiping about her when she left.

While waiting for AL, MY and DY to arrive, the four of us ordered our food. I got myself the a set which came with a soup, pizza and soft drink for RM 9.90. Food took quite long to be served though. Boo!


Mushroom Soup

Pizza Margarita

And when the rest of the gang arrived, AL asked the lady if she could put the cake into the fridge. That b*tch said "Of course I can, those guys are scared that I eat their cake, so I didn't want to take it from them". WTF!!

Thankfully, our lunch today was much pleasant. That was because another family came into the restaurant and the stupid lady spent all her time annoying and verbally harassing the poor family. We really have to thank that family!

After lunch, we told the lady to serve the cake and she could still ask us if we wanted to eat it here or bring it elsewhere. WTF, where is your brain! Don't know how to use it eh?

Anyway, her assistant served us the cake and we started singing the most melodious birthday song. Each of us had a piece of it and it was quite good for its price. After that, we left the restaurant and drove back to APIIT.

Chocolate Mousse Cake - RM 24.90

We went to class and were the only students there! Attended the final tutorial lesson of the semester before going to the fourth floor to look for Mr Jason. There, he gave us some references to aid us on our assignment.

By the time we left APIIT, it was already 6pm. I then dropped AC, ZS and KW back at DY's house since AC's car was there. It started raining very heavily on the way there. By the time we reached DY's house, it was too heavy to drive!

We waited in the car for about 5 minutes before driving again. As it was raining, the traffic was terrible. And to top it off, my car was LOW on petrol. I was really really afraid that the car might run out of petrol in the middle of the heavy rain which will cause even MORE jam!

Fortunately, I managed to reach the Shell petrol station in Bangsar with what was left in my petrol tank. After refueling my car, I made my way back home. When I got down, the rain stopped. What a nice weather!

Anyway, I stayed downstairs fiddling with my iPod till about 8pm. Then, I had dinner and came upstairs to use my laptop. Later, I took a shower and went downstairs to watch TV.

Then at about 9pm, I came upstairs to listen to some music while writing this post. After that, I watched "Vampire's Assistant" on my laptop before going downstairs for some supper.

Got back into my room at 11.30pm and continued using the internet. Since there's nothing much already, I'm going to end this post and go to bed. Night fellas!

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