Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sleep, Eat, Sleep

Woke up at 10am today. Waited for mum to pick the girls before we drove to BV for lunch. We had lunch with UF and AB there. I ordered Caesar Salad but it came about an hour later! Meanwhile, I stole some food from E and M.

Napolicious - RM 19.90

Caesar Salad - RM 21.90

After lunch, mum and her clients continued talking. I used my iPod to start chatting. Then, we ordered dessert. Finally at about 3pm, mum paid the bill and we went home.

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 11.90

Chocolate Banana - RM 12.90

Mango Cheesecake - RM 11.90

Back home, I somehow fell asleep on the bed! The combination of a full stomach and loud modern music was probably a good one. xD

Got up at about 5pm and started using the laptop. At 6pm, I went downstairs and found some Krispy Kreme donuts. Dad bought the flavored ones and I tried it for the first time. I still prefer the original glazed ones better. =)

After everyone showered, we left the house at 7.10pm. It was raining heavily throughout the car ride. It wasn't raining where the restaurant was though. Anyway, it was our monthly LF dinner so we went to a vegetarian restaurant.

Dinner was okay. DGJ paid for it and we thanked him. Some of my cousins went to the night market after dinner while the adults talked. At about 9.30pm, we left the place and came home.

SS and family came over for about an hour. Mingled for a while before they went back home. I then came up to write this post. It's already 11.50pm now. I shall end this post here. Goodnight...

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