Friday, March 5, 2010


Woke up at 7.05am today. Had cereal, showered, and got dressed. For some reason, I felt like wearing my contacts today. So I took a new set of contacts out and put them on. This one has my actual power unlike my trial pair. Therefore, everything was much clearer!

Drove to and parked at APIIT. Then, I walked over to ENT3 for our class. An hour later, we walked back to the main building and attended the lab class. Later, KW and I waited for our other friends because they went for the later lab session.

Then at 11.30am, we drove to IOI Boulevard at Puchong for lunch. As suggested by ZS, we visited Cone Pizza. From the name of the shop, it was already expected that the pizzas are really in cones.

Classic Pepperoni (Beef) - RM 11.90
*I love the effect of this picture!*

Pizzas are placed into these holders

Carbonara Fettucini

Though it was quite interesting, I find it kinda overpriced. And since we didn't use any cutlery, it feels more like fast food than an actual meal. On the plus side, the pizza and pasta were quite well done. Read AC's post here.

After about more than hour there, we drove to ZS's house. Since it was another 2 hours before our next class, we stayed there to use our laptops and chatted. We did have a great time laughing there.

Then at about 3pm, we drove back to APIIT and went to our next lab class. The lecturer taught us a new database software today. Two hours later, class ended. I dropped WS and AC at their cars before dropping KW off.

Got home by 5.15pm and came upstairs to take a nap. Then at about 6.30pm, I woke up and went downstairs. Dad bought a dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts so I grabbed one before dinner. xD

An hour later, everyone went downstairs for dinner. I came back upstairs after I dinner and started writing this post. Went to shower at 8pm and watched TV downstairs after that.

Came back upstairs to try working on my assignment. Unfortunately, even after one hour of research, I still can't get it.

At 10.45pm, I decided to call it a day. So, I started watching Cupid Stupid till it was 1.10am. It's kinda late now. Goodnight peeps!

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