Monday, March 29, 2010

12 Hours Away From Home

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop for a while. Then, I played with the iPod till it was 10.30am. Took a shower and got dressed. Then, I drove to Sunway. Just before Sunway Pyramid, I found a PILE of glass bottles. Sigh...

There must have been a WILD party last night...

Anyway, I picked JW up at 11.50am and we went to Gardens. We walked around till we got hungry. It was 1.30pm when we walked over to Mid Valley and went into San Fransisco Steakhouse.

There was a weird stench when we arrived. After a while, we got used to it. Anyway, we ordered their set lunch which came with bread, soup of the day, soft drink, and a main course. Overall, the sides were good but the main courses were bad...

Beef Paillard (set) - RM 16.90++

Lamb Leg (set) - RM 16.90++

Soup of the day (comes with set)

Choice of 100Plus or Sprite (comes with set)

Bread with butter (complimentary)

After lunch, we stayed there till about 3pm. Then, we paid the bill and walked to the cinema. Collected our tickets and bought some popcorn before going into the cinema.

We watched "How to Train Your Dragon". It was a nice movie with a predictable-but-still-good storyline. Graphics were nice too. The only regret was not watching it on 3D.

The movie ended at 5pm and we walked around the mall. Bought some ice cream from McD before going back to Gardens. It was only 6pm so we decided to hang out at TGC till 6.30pm. Then, we paid the parking and drove back to SS15.

Da Sa Rang @ SS15

Parked and walked over to Da Sa Rang for dinner. It was a Korean restaurant. JW suggested this place so she ordered Kimchi Soup and Bibimbap for us to share. I then ordered a Mocha Shake which turned out to be watery...

Mocha Shake - RM 3.50

Kimchi Jigae (soup) - RM 15.00

Dolsot Bibimbap - RM 20.00

Side Dishes (complimentary)

Fruits and honey drink (complimentary)

Overall, the food was good except the fact that it was spicy. Throughout the dinner, I was hot and cold. Hot from the food, Cold from the super air cond that was blowing straight at me. Anyway, we paid the bill and went off.

Next, we drove to PS's house which was nearby to visit her. Talked for a while before the three of us went to Snowflake. There, JW and I ordered the cold Bestseller. After eating, I was so FULL!!

Bestseller - RM 5.50

While walking back to the car, we saw a rat or two every 50 meters we walked. And for every rat we saw, PS SCREAMED!!! Thank goodness JW was with me or strangers would come BASH me up for trying to do "something" to PS...

Well, her screaming did two things. One, it scared me to the point where I was worried. Two, it made JW laugh until her stomach hurt. JW told us that she was scared of the rats too, but she was too busy laughing till she wasn't scared...

Anyway, we got into the car and drove on. According to PS, the roads will be FILLED with rats at 12am. Dropped her back home before we went back to Sunway. Dropped JW at her hostel before making my way home.

By the time I got home, it was almost 11pm. I took a shower before turning on my laptop. After that, I chatted with a few friends while uploading pictures. There is some problem with my connection today so pictures are HARD to upload...

Anyway, I think I'll end this post here as it is already 1.30am. Gotta wake up at 6am later to go "Cheng Meng". Night...

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