Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week Ends

Woke up at 8.35am and quickly got ready and drove everyone to SS's house. We then went to Eden for brunch. By the time we were done, it was about 10.15am. SS paid the bill and we went to their house.

Set up our Wii there and played till about 2pm. All of us except LC then went to Petaling Street to have "wanton noodles". After that, we went to DGG's house and visited them while SS helped to fix one of their pipes.

Wanton Noodles

At about 4.45pm, all of us then went to Jusco with DGG, YL and YS. YS was so generous to treat all of us to 2 quarts of Baskin Robin's Ice Cream! She bought the 2 quarts and we finished 90% of the 2 tubs in less than an hour.

Mint Ice Cream

At 5.30pm, we quickly rushed back to PJ because we needed to sent YS to work. She ended up 15 minutes late though. Anyway, we dropped SS, M and K at SS's house and drove back home to pick GM and shower.

Once home, I waited for my turn to shower. Then, we went back to SS's house. At about 8pm, we went to Rock Cafe for dinner. It was a food court next to Pak Li in Sunway Damansara. LC and I ordered a Carbonara and Sizzling Lamb Chop and shared them.

The food was not bad but we didn't expect the "cafe" to be a food court. SS paid the bill again and we went back to SS's house for about 40 minutes. Then, we rushed home to watch Ghost. To our surprise, it started at 10pm!

It was already 10.40pm but we still decided to watch the other 20 minutes. After that, I watched the last episode of Big Experiment before coming back up to blog and use the laptop. Mum and dad just came home too. Night anyway...

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