Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekends Without Parents

Woke up at around 9am and used the laptop till about 11.30am. I then ordered Pizza from PizzaHut for lunch. Watched Hitman and had lunch next. After lunch, I used the laptop again.

2 Pizzas and 1 Garlic Bread

M went to MV, J went out with her friends to a club, and E was playing the Wii. I then decided to go over to 112 at about 3pm. We talked for 20 minutes before starting Mahj0ng. Played till 6pm and lost RM 8.

Came home and waited for them to shower. We then left the house at 6.30pm and went to pick M from MV. Then, we drove straight to SS's house. All of us went in and waited for K to be ready. After that, we went to Uptown for dinner.

SS brought us to the Hokkien Fried shop and ordered 4 plates of noodles and 4 sets of Chicken Wings. At about 9pm, SS paid and we went back. As usual, dropped SS and family off before going home.

We dropped GM and J at home while M, E and I went to 112. I played with the kids for a while before we started looking at a bunch of old pictures. Spent quite some time asking YM who each of them were.

At 11pm, we went home with 6 dumplings (homemade by CM's mum-in-law). Started using the laptop to blog and facebook. It's 11.41pm already and I should go to bed soon since we arranged breakfast with SS early in the morning. Bye...


  1. babe..i really miss u guys!!
    when can we meet again lar?YISB..i need u all!

  2. Who asked u to go back so fast... come back soon la k?


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