Thursday, May 28, 2009

11 Hours More

Woke up at 9.30am and used the laptop for few minutes before going down to help GM burn some "gam zhi". Came back up to use the laptop again for another hour before going down to do the same thing.

After 12pm, my study-laptop session begun. Went down for lunch at 2.30pm and came back up to do the same. At 3.30pm, all of us went to A&W. I ordered a SuperDuper Chocolate Eclaire since there was no Mint ice cream. After that, we went home.

SuperDuper Chocolate Eclaire - RM 4.10

Used the laptop for a while. Went to take at nap at 5pm and played "Indy" later. Used the laptop till 7.30pm and went down for dinner. After dinner, used the laptop and did an EXCEL TABLE for RESTAURANT CITY.

Actually I'm not that obsessed. But its just the satisfaction we get when completing these kind of thing. At about 9pm, mum brought E and I to Starbucks since she is going to Singapore tomorrow and we won't see her for a few days.

Ordered a Venti size Java Chip Frap while mum ordered a Green Tea Frap. Came home at about 10.30pm and started blogging. I tried to do a more advance table for RC but YM ended up helping me. She really can think of all these ideas. Cool!

Venti size Java Chip Frap (split in 2 tumblers) - RM 13.50

It's 12am already and I shall finish this post and do a final round of studying before going to bed. less than 11 more hours to our last exam. Good luck, everyone...

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