Saturday, May 2, 2009

Transporter 4: New Look

Woke up at 9am and started using the laptop to do part of my assignment till 11am. Then, I ordered pizza for the girls. At 11.30am, the pizza came and I went to collect it. After bringing in the pizza, SC came and brought me out.

He took me to Section 17 and we had some "Yee Min" in a coffee shop. It was around RM 3.80 for one small bowl and they gave quite a fair share of ingredients. Was full after that. Then, SC brought me to this salon.

Lo Hon Guo

Dry Yee Min - RM 3.80

Both of us cut our hair. SC suggested I cut it short like him and I decided to try it out. The junior stylist cut my hair and gelled it. My hair was really short but I'll get used to it soon. Waited for SC to cut his hair before we paid RM 15 each and left.

My New SHORT Hair Style - RM 15

SC dropped me home at about 2pm. I then continued with my assignment till 3.40pm. Then, I went to 112. Had some "tong sui" as usual. About 15 minutes later, AP invited to play Mahjong. We then played till about 6.45pm. It was an unlucky day for me and I lost RM 15.40 today.

Once home, I went to shower and get ready for dinner. I then drove all of us to SS's house as usual. All of us then went to Chan Kee for dinner. SS ordered some dishes and we ate them while chatting happily.

After paying the bill. we went back to SS's house and watched "The Wedding Game" till 11.10pm. We then went home right after the movie ended. At home, I turned on the laptop to blog and facebook for awhile. It is 12.30am already and I'm going to bed soon. Night...

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